Manningcast sees 132-percent increase in audience

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The Peyton and Eli show is taking a bigger bite out of the primary MNF broadcast.

The Week Two installment of the ESPN2 experience involving Peyton and Eli Manning’s podcast/simulcast of the Monday night game saw a 132-percent increase in audience. According to Austin Karp of Sports Business Journal, the audience grew from 800,000 to 1.86 million.

As mentioned last week, some in the industry think that Peyton should just go all in and join the main crew. If he did, and if ESPN set up a simulcast that was heavily promoted and hyped and ultimately had its audience spike by more than one million viewers from Week One to Week Two, he’d definitely be upset.

The Manningcast is supposed to be available for 10 of the Monday night games. Given the size of last night’s viewership, the audience is going to be pissed when it tunes in next week and Peyton and Eli aren’t there.

UPDATE 6:58 p.m. ET: The Manningcast will return for Week Three. Also, ESPN has announced a total audience of 13.808 million.

9 responses to “Manningcast sees 132-percent increase in audience

  1. Nothing against the primary crew but I definitely enjoyed the simulcast more, especially with the guests and when Gronk joined.

  2. Of course, the Monday night crew could just be better and more entertaining instead of wasting so much time being upset that Manning didn’t outright just take their jobs.

  3. I tuned into the Manning broadcast for awhile and found it interesting and kind of funny, but in truth, it didn’t hold my attention. Some big plays going on in the game went un-commented on while they were busy chatting with Gronk (who I found a bit annoying). I like the 3 guys they have on the main broadcast, and switched back over to them. I find them engaging, and enjoy their references to pop culture… “McFly! McFly!” made me laugh.

  4. Gronk was great. The zingers about NE cheating were awesome. Insight from Payton is great. Eli can be well Eli. A bit dry and lifeless but can throw out some good digs. Week 2 was better for sure.

  5. “… the audience is going to be pissed when it tunes in next week and Peyton and Eli aren’t there.”

    I tuned in to ESPN+ thinking I was going to be able to watch manningcast, only to discover it had been moved to ESPN2. Access denied.

    I pay for ESPN+ and I am not sure why. I was pissed, watched something else.

  6. After years of boycotting MNF, I started watching again this year. Put Eli-tweedle-dee and/or Peyton-tweedle-dum on the main MNF broadcast and I’ll quit watching anything on ESPN, including the return of NHL hockey which I have been eagerly anticipating. Just don’t understand the mancrushes on two of the most boring people in the entire history of the world.

  7. I watch it for the awkwardness of the set up. Favre and Willis were so awkward. Eli didn’t seem to want to interact with Mcafee or maybe he only wanted to talk to Peyton lol

  8. I would enjoy seeing MNF back on ABC. It really was more of a production back then, and SNF just doesn’t have the same pizzazz.

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