Robert Saleh: I know Zach Wilson is going to get better from Patriots loss

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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Jets quarterback Zach Wilson threw four interceptions against the Patriots in Sunday’s 25-6 loss and said after the game that he has to find ways to “keep learning and getting better” because there are going to be days like that in the NFL.

Wilson’s head coach believes that will happen. Robert Saleh said at a Monday press conference that he’s not concerned about Wilson putting the bad day behind him and continuing to grow as a quarterback.

“I talked to him real quick, I’m going to talk to him again after these meetings,” Saleh said. “It was real quick. He’s such a resilient young man, he could probably recite every single play that happened and he’s going to want to talk about it and go through it and learn from it. I know he’s going to get better from this. He’s in a good place.”

Saleh said that the coaching staff is working with Wilson to make him realize that playing the position is “not about being electric,” but to “stay within yourself” in order to keep the team in advantageous situations. If that happens, Saleh believes other teams will “panic” and open the door to the kind of big plays Wilson tried to force against New England. A Week Three trip to Denver will provide the next chance to check in on the learning process.