Tyrann Mathieu: We have to commit to stopping the run

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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Through two weeks, the Chiefs have played two of the league’s best rushing teams from 2020.

But Kansas City’s run defense has left a lot to be desired.

After Baltimore ran for 251 yards on Sunday, the Chiefs have surrendered a league-high 404 rushing yards and 6.0 yards per carry through Week Two. Over time, those numbers will surely come down. But even considering the Chiefs’ opponents, safety Tyrann Mathieu feels like Kansas City needs to make improving the run defense a priority.

“We have to commit to stopping the run. It has to be No. 1 with us,” Mathieu said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “The [Ravens are] good. Those guys can run the ball. It was a team effort for them and it’s got to be a team effort for us to stop the run. They play fast, but we just have to find a way to get back to committing ourselves to stopping the run.

“Every play isn’t going to be a pass. Against these kinds of teams — the Ravens, the Titans, the Browns — you have to be ready to stop the run. You have to be committed. And that’s not just the defensive line. That’s the other guys as well. … [Defense isn’t all] sacks and interceptions.”

Kansas City might be better off if it were, as Mathieu provided two picks against Baltimore — one of which he returned for a touchdown.

The Chiefs play the Chargers at home in Week Three. Though Austin Ekeler is a dual-threat out of the backfield, Los Angeles isn’t as much of a running threat as Cleveland or Baltimore. But Kansas City better be prepared, or Ekeler, Larry Rountree, and Justin Jackson could put up big numbers.

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  1. He doesn’t tackle so what he’s saying is, “Guys, we need you to stop the run. I will supervise.”

  2. This Chiefs defense has gotten progressively worse every year since Mahomes became the starter…Their defensive linemen seriously need to him the gym…they’re super weak and if they keep giving up 30+ points per game and teams can run on them at will…they may struggle to make the playoffs…something I thought I wouldn’t see from a team that has the best QB in the league…and to make it worse they might ruin my cash cow when it comes to betting…because for the past 2 years, I’ve been able to (teaser) bet on them every week and win more than 75 % of the time…which is unheard of for winning bets…before them it was the Patriots with Tom Brady…

  3. Pretty pitiful the whole world knew what Baltimore had to do, and yet KC played like they were a pass first team. So far this KC defense looks more like what they had a few years ago when Bob Sutton was the defensive coordinator. It’s sad KC can’t find the defensive mindset they had 25 years ago. Their biggest problem is Anthony Hitchens, teams are running right at him, but he is good at tackling 7 yards down the field…

  4. Every team they face, whether they are run heavy or not, is going to test KC’s ability to stop the run first. It’s not only bc KC’s run D is lacking, but you have to keep Mahomes on the bench as long as possible. The irony is KC’s offense is so good , they can score so quickly, the D doesn’t get time to rest/regroup at times. Not that I would gear back the offense at times, but it’s a double edge sword.

    It’s only one loss and week 2, but I get the sense that teams are filling up their huggies a little less when facing KC. Still a great team and will be a challenge every week for anyone, but they don’t feel as dominate bc of the defense.

  5. Andy put all the money to a few players, leaves little to pay the others so the D has to rely on the cheapest possible options. Frank Clark has pretty much disappeared as player, who’s ever idea to play Jones as DE should be fired and the LB’s simply are not that good. Also, probably need to look at the coaching too and find a new coordinator Spags has outlived his usefulness.

  6. Odd that one of the NFL’s least effective run-game defenders — he literally avoids contact — would be the spokesperson calling for better effort. I can’t imagine that type of hypocrisy is well received in the locker room.

  7. I’d agree with the “all the money is spent on the offense”, if you didn’t have 240 million wrapped up in Clark, Jones and Mathieu. Jones downside is he only plays hard about every other game. Clark is vastly overpaid for his production and Mathieu is okay but he’s about to be gone due to the money he can get elsewhere.

    I envision Clark, Mathieu, Hitchens all gone next year. And with that money you should be able to get a serviceable/equal DE that will be half the cost of Clark, a stud ILB and a decent safety with money left over to improve otter areas as well.

  8. Maybe they should commit to not getting shut out in the 4th Q and putting points on the board. Man for such a high profile high flying offense their fans don’t have much to say about their doughnut 4th Q performance. Ravens ran all over that defense with the third and fourth backup RB! Cheers!

  9. Maybe they should commit to not getting shut out in the 4th Q and putting points on the board. Man for such a high profile high flying offense their fans don’t have much to say about their doughnut 4th Q performance. Ravens ran all over that defense with the third and fourth backup RB! Cheers!!

  10. Seems like something they should’ve said after the first game and then done DURING the 2nd game.

  11. Raven guy…. Maybe you missed it but KC only had the ball twice in the 4th Clyde fumbled the ball on the 2nd one.. It’s not like the Ravens defense really did anything, KC just gave it away instead of scoring.

  12. The Ravens lost their first, second, and third string running backs. They started Williams who was fighting for a spot on the roster and then rotated in Murray and Freeman who they signed off the street. It’s not like the running game had time to synch up for weeks in camp.

    Yes, KC, you better figure out how to defend against the run or expect to put up 35 points and still lose.

  13. Maybe they had the ball twice because the KC defense couldn’t stop the Ravens – and having the ball twice is no excuse for not scoring. Defense came up and shut it down.

  14. They went against two of the three best running backs in the league back to back, Nick Chubb and Lamar Jackson. Not sure how well any team would do in that situation.

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