Justin Fields to start for Bears vs. Browns

Cincinnati Bengals v Chicago Bears
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Justin Fields will start for the Bears on Sunday in Cleveland.

Bears coach Matt Nagy announced today that Fields will start.

Nagy said Andy Dalton, who has started the first two games of the season, is still “battling through” the knee injury he suffered in last week’s win over the Bengals. Nagy is continuing to insist that Dalton is the starter when healthy, so Fields will only start until Dalton can return.

Nick Foles will serve as the Bears’ backup quarterback on Sunday.

14 responses to “Justin Fields to start for Bears vs. Browns

  1. Hmmm… on the road, against a top-8 team, in the state where he is a college legend. With a sketchy O-Line and WRs who have proven less than reliable. No pressure, kid.

  2. Browns fan here. Talented rookies are boom or bust. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fields had a good day. There is no tape on him, Browns struggle with mobile QBs, the offense will be pretty simple but plays will break down and be extended which can be dangerous.

    Or, he gets wrecked behind the league’s 27th ranked O-Line and panics. It could go either way.

  3. Can’t wait until 10 minutes into the game when Bears fans inevitably turn on this kid just like they have every other QB on their roster since Jim McMahon

  4. Big arm, athletic runner, all the tools you could ever want. Just like Mitch Trubisky. Let’s see if they ruin this guy too.

  5. Dalton played really well. Hopefully for Fields’ sake Andy is back soon so they aren’t throwing Fields to the wolves too soon.

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