Matt Ryan: I think we’re capable of keeping ourselves relevant late into the season

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Through two weeks, the Falcons have not looked like a contender.

While they were able to cut their deficit against the Buccaneers to three points in the second half of their Week Two loss, a pair of fourth-quarter pick-sixes off quarterback Matt Ryan put the game out of reach.

But Ryan isn’t letting the early-season results get him down, telling Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports that the Falcons have plenty of time to get things on the right track.

“Seventeen games,” Ryan said, via Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports. “You can throw all the old stats out. With that extra game, none of those rules apply that were there before. We’ve got a long way to go. We’ve got 15 games to go. I think we’re a young team that made strides from Week 1 to Week 2. We need to continue to make strides as we go into Week 3. If we can do that, I really feel like we’ve got enough weapons and the right people that we can correct this thing and get it moving in the right direction.”

The Falcons are trying to thread the needle of retooling with a new General Manager and head coach while also contending. That’s tough to do, but Ryan said Atlanta is capable of “being in the mix” late in the year.

“Keeping ourselves relevant late into the season, in December and January. I think we’re capable of doing that,” Ryan said. “It’s just about getting hot at the right time.”

But even with the extra game, the Falcons have to start getting on the right track sooner than later in a competitive division like the NFC South. They’ll get a chance to do so on Sunday against the 0-2 Giants.

7 responses to “Matt Ryan: I think we’re capable of keeping ourselves relevant late into the season

  1. Matt Ryan is a great soldier…totally not his fault this team lacks talent, has a rookie head coach, and they just made a horrible decision to draft a TE #4 overall. The only thing Atlanta will be relevant late in the season will be for whether they get the 1st overall pick….and sadly it won’t matter what pick they get. You draft a TE #4 overall and you are totally clueless. TE is just like RB…you don’t drat that position at that spot. Period.

  2. I guess you have to say you believe it with 15 games to go…but, deep down he knows. This team has almost zero talent. And picking a TE 4th overall is up there with drafting Saquon #2 overall in terms of stupidity.

  3. I had to grab my dictionary to see if the definition of relevant had changed..

    It hasn’t… sorry Matt

  4. And being 0-2 is not good for teams with playoff aspirations. From 1990 to 2019, only 12 percent of teams to go 0-2 made the playoffs. By comparison, 62 percent of teams with a 2-0 record made the postseason, according to USA Today. However, according to OddShark, this percentage had dropped to 54 percent since 2007.

  5. What else would he say as a professional athlete, that being said I have no issue saying they will hit double digit losses

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