Report: Lions exploring trade for Jamie Collins

San Francisco 49ers vs Detroit Lions
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Lions linebacker Jamie Collins didn’t participate in a walk-through Wednesday for non-injury reasons, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports the team is exploring trade options.

Collins has played 100 defensive snaps but has faced criticism for his play after the Lions allowed 76 points in two weeks. He has 10 tackles and a fumble recovery.

“Look, Jamie had some mistakes,” coach Dan Campbell said, via Kyle Meinke of “It wasn’t certainly his best performance.”

Campbell said the Lions want to give fourth-round pick Derrick Barnes more time at linebacker.

Collins, who turns 32 later this month, is in his second season in Detroit.

35 responses to “Report: Lions exploring trade for Jamie Collins

  1. Browns should throw a 7th their way and bring him back. He’s nothing special but could help in the LB Corp right now

  2. I doubt anyone is willing to take him on at his current cap hit. If their already in the process of protecting him from injury he likely is released and catches on somewhere fairly quickly and they go with someone younger and/or special teams oriented with his roster spot.

  3. Jamie is coming home. Defense looks solid, great athlete. I’m still he has a little bit left. Really sad that franchise is such a waste of talent.

  4. A great athletic talent but a propensity to freelance is why he’s been sent out of Foxboro by trade once, and not re-signed a second time after returning.

  5. He was a check casher her in Cleveland too. We needed a leader and he just went with the flow and we got torched.

  6. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think anybody is going to trade for a high salaried linebacker who is (barely) going through the motions.

  7. The last Jones touchdown was the final straw. No effort given on that play at all and he has definitely lost a step. Maybe best as a D End at this stage

  8. Ol Jamie couldn’t even get through 2 games before
    it became obvious he’s set to quit and mail it in again.

    This guy maybe had 4 good seasons in his career and they all came in NE.

  9. SeekTheTruthInHim says:
    September 22, 2021 at 5:50 pm
    Back to New England, playing his best, with a chip on his shoulder.
    Like Cam Newton did?

  10. Pats saved almost 10 million off of the cap cutting Newton. I would not call them spent for the year. Plus if they do not use that money it will roll over to next year when the cap goes way up with the new deal and fans in the stands. It’s nice having a starting qb on a rookie contract.

  11. NE punted him over for being lazy. He played when he wanted too. Same old same old! BB is right again.

  12. Lions rwstructured his contract earlier this year to create cap space after taking dead cap hit on Stafford trade. His reduced base salary (due about $3.6 mill for rest of year) might make him worthy of a low round pick… maybe not.

  13. Good player when he wants to be, but he’s always been on his own program and doesn’t really care what the rest of the defense is doing. If you want to know what your getting with Jamie Collins just watch SB XLIX. On the final drive Marshawn Lynch ran a sluggo. Collins’ only job was to stay with him. Instead Collins tried to jump the in cut to get a pick and left Lynch wide open. The play went for 35 yds. because Collins was being selfish and it almost cost the Pats the Superbowl.

  14. Collins wasn’t bad in Cleveland. Like everyone else on that team he was negatively affected by the curse that was “Freddie Kitchens was your head coach”. He had a monster season (as did everyone else on that team) before that mistake was made by the front office.

  15. New England already picked up Tavaii. They can add Collins to their collection of big, heavy, slow linebackers en route to winning 9 games this year without Brady,

  16. The Lion’s font office is clearly playing too much fantasy football! It’s like those ridiculous trade offers you get: “Give me Davante Adams for Cole Beasley and a kicker”!

  17. Send him to Dallas to pair with parsons and tell them you will take Jaylon smith and Vander esche

  18. kissmytaintpatriotswinagain says:
    September 22, 2021 at 10:21 pm

    Pats saved almost 10 million off of the cap cutting Newton. I would not call them spent for the year.


    Cam’s base salary for 2021 was $1.5 million. He was only going to make 10 million through performance bonuses. The Pats saved nowhere near 10 million on the cap by cutting him.

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