Albert Wilson: We have full confidence in Jacoby Brissett

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins won’t have quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for Sunday’s game in Las Vegas. But receiver Albert Wilson said Thursday he’s not expecting there to be a dip in the offense’s performance with backup Jacoby Brissett.

We have full confidence in him, as we do with Tua,” Wilson said, via David Furones of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We don’t feel like we’ve taken a step back with him.”

Brissett came in after the Dolphins’ second series in last week’s loss to the Bills when Tagovailoa went out with what ended up being fractured ribs. But Miami’s offense had little success, with the team on the wrong end of a 35-0 shutout. Brissett finished the game 24-of-40 for 169 yards with an interception.

Wilson had four catches for 20 yards in Week Two.

Brissett does have extensive experience, starting 30 games for Indianapolis in 2017 and 2019 as well as a pair of contests for New England as a rookie in 2016. He’s completed 60 percent of his career passes for 6,628 yards with 31 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

The Dolphins will need to draw on that the matchup with the Raiders, who have opened the season with wins over the Ravens and Steelers.

11 responses to “Albert Wilson: We have full confidence in Jacoby Brissett

  1. I am not sure if they should have full confidence in Brissett, but I know they definitely shouldnt have full confidence in Tua Turntheballova. Tank for Tua. Hahahahahahahahaha. Too bad Herbert wasnt on the board when they picked… Oh wait, YES HE WAS. LMFAO

  2. That’s a good idea. I bet the Colts wished they had had the confidence they professed. They deserve every bit of hardship ahead. After all, they did it to themselves.

    Between me and you, Brissett is better than Tua and we’re about to see it.

  3. Does anyone have confidence in Albert Wilson? Injury prone, small guy, opted out last year and is on track to play about 50% of the teams snaps and drop 50% of the passes that hit him right in the chest. Im surprised he is talking to the media, hes another bad game and a couple dropped balls away from being a cap casualty. If we wanted to give a guy a chance to drop passes at least Preston Williams has a big play once in a while.

  4. Teams generally don’t get better when forced to play their backup QB. This is the exception to that rule.

  5. Yes it was 35-0, and the offense played poorly. But had the coaches not gone for it on 4 and 2 twice in the 1st half and punt once instead of kicking the FG it could have been 7-6. Between the poor OL where everyone is playing out of position, the bad coaching decisions and play calling, and the stupid bonehead penalties it doesn’t really matter who the QB is, or how hard the defense is grinding.

  6. I hope there isn’t a dip on offensive performance either……they scored exactly 0 points last week.

  7. Brisset is a decent QB and a really good backup. I hope he can make some things happens and that he can be a pleasant surprise like Fitz was for Miami. Unless the OL improves it will be difficult for any QB to do anything.
    Tua was under pressure in four of the six dropbacks he took. He was sacked twice and hit from his blindside at full speed on the play that broke his ribs.
    Brisset was pressured on 28 out of his 47 dropbacks and sacked four times.
    No QB can do well with that amount of pressure as Mahomes showed in last years SB.

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