Josh Allen: No secret I haven’t played great this season

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Bills rebounded from a Week One loss to the Steelers by pasting the Dolphins 35-0 in Week Two, but quarterback Josh Allen wasn’t thrilled with how things went last Sunday.

Allen was 17-of-33 for 179 yards, two touchdowns and an interception against Miami and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said this week that Allen is “just kind of down” about how he’s played so far this season. Allen confirmed that when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

“It’s no secret that I didn’t play great last game and I didn’t play great the week before,” Allen said, via Matt Parrino of “Stuff I’m working on and just got to push through it and find ways to be better for this team. . . . I demand so much of myself and I want to execute at such a high level. When things aren’t going well I get so frustrated with myself. So I got to find a way to keep going, be light for the guys and be the best leader that I can be for this team.”

Daboll and head coach Sean McDermott didn’t share the same frustration with Allen’s play and Sunday’s game against Washington offers another chance for Allen to find the groove he was in last season.


19 responses to “Josh Allen: No secret I haven’t played great this season

  1. Josh needs to work late into the night with his receivers. If he’s having trouble now, with little wind, he’s got a long season at home with the autumn Lake Erie winds blowing through his stadium.

  2. Allen is a learner. This guy will shake it off and be there when we need him to be coming down the stretch.

  3. Hello, regression to the mean. Sorry Buffalo (or next NFL city that builds them a stadium). Back to middle of the road for this guy.

  4. He has had some “Wyoming” throws where he just hasn’t been accurate, but his decision making hasn’t been a problem. In the game coming up with Washington, both O lines for each team are going to have trouble. Bet the under.

  5. Peak in winter, not in September. With the way the defense is playing, the superbowl will belong to buffalo.

  6. In other words. My wallet was weighing me down, and I’m having trouble figuring out if I should buy my next home in LA or FLA.

  7. Many bought the hype that he was an MVP candidate. I thought he peaked in his second year and was blown away by what he did last year. Buffalo might have paid him a year too soon.

  8. Must be the Super Bowl hangover. Oh wait, they didnt make it that far. Sorry, hard to keep track. The Bills fans act like they won it all.

  9. The difference is, Allen will be another MVP candidate by mid season and the doubters here will be picking new favorite teams for the playoffs when your squad misses them again.

  10. “Wait until he sees that New England defense and what Belichick schemes up for him.”

    The team he beat 38-9 in their last match up?

  11. The Bills put 35 points on Miami and Allen talks about not playing well. He threw two touchdowns and had a 7.0 average yards per rush. Damn good problem to have, if you ask me.

  12. The Bills put 35 points on Miami and Allen talks about not playing well. He threw two touchdowns and had a 7.0 average yards per rush. Damn good problem to have, if you ask me.

    He also threw for 180 yards, 40 of those coming on a prayer Diggs somehow came down with…he also threw an INT and got lucky a second was dropped. The Bills played a good game against Miami, but Allen had a mediocre game at best. For 40+ mil a year, the team needs him to be better, especially when the team starts having to make cap-based decisions. The good thing is he knows that. Let’s just hope him pressing to play better doesn’t have a negative effect.

  13. Here come the haters – hilarious. It’s September, we probably still should be 2-0 despite the poor play. Looking like they probably should have played more in preseason, but whatever – kid will be back at the top of the MVP chatter by mid year. We’ll be 3-1 heading into KC and that’s who we gotta be ready for, these are warmups. Let’s all circle back after his solid performance this weekend ok?

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