Odell Beckham Jr. on his potential return in Week Three: “We’ll see”


The Browns haven’t officially declared that receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will make his return this week, but it’s sure trending that way.

Beckham spoke to the media for the first time this season on Thursday, but told reporters, “We’ll see,” when asked if he’s going to play against the Bears on Sunday.

Whenever Beckham does make his way to the field, the receiver thinks it’ll be special.

“I’ve worked extremely hard to not only get back but improve and try to be better than I ever have been,” Beckham said, via Jake Trotter of ESPN. “So I’m definitely looking forward to it. It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time in that cave, putting yourself back together. I had a great team around me for the entire process, great support system. And it’s going to be special. Like I said, it’s been a long time.

Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com reported on Monday that Beckham had a good chance to return in Week Three, provided there were no setbacks. And the fact that the receiver addressed the media is also a positive sign for his availability.

The Browns could always use Beckham, but the need is magnified with fellow receiver Jarvis Landry heading to injured reserve with a sprained MCL.

18 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr. on his potential return in Week Three: “We’ll see”

  1. 99.9% of us would give anything to be in his position with his talent, and he’s a complete jerk about it.

  2. If the Bears can pull out a win on Sunday, it changes the entire NFC playoff landscape. If Cleveland wins as expected, the Bears are who we thought they were.

  3. Typical Obj , “my best season yet” BS. It’s sad how many of my fellow browns fans eat that stuff up. Obj is a tiny 5’9″ that relies on speed and quickness. He is almost 30, he isnt getting better, sorry. He isnt a bad teammate, just a avg football player. Take away his catch and playing in the biggest media market to start his career, and hed be fighting for a roster spot. Not making 15 mil a year. He has robbed the Browns, 50 mil for 1,300 yards and 7 tds. I dont want to hear the hypothetical arguments. Every one in his favor only has hypothetical arguments. He has shown nothing spectacular in 6 seasons.

  4. Mary Kay Cabot making stuff up. Call me not shocked. Too bad Becks doesnt have a QB like Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes or Herbert that could actually get the ball to him

  5. It is too bad that OBJ, who certainly has talent, is such a head case and fragile to boot. He is a cancer to both the fan vase and the team.

    The Giants made a great decision to get ride of him at a good price.

    He could have been a top flight NFL receiver, now all he is going to be is average and eventually a ‘Remember when he …. man what happened to him?’ candidate.

  6. OBJ is crazy but a good kind of crazy. hes a loudmouth off the field, but also a loudmouth on the field. i never played receiver but i always got fired up by our loudmouth receiver who knew how to push buttons.

  7. If he comes back expect Baker to throw multiple picks trying to connect with OBJ. If Baker can’t utilize OBJ, the offense is limited.

  8. That’s usually my response to someone asking me to do something I dont want to do but i dont want to deal with them responding to my no

  9. That one catch made him a very famous abd rich man to live his rest of his life on a beach. Kinda what he is doing now except on a couch

  10. When was the last time he was a difference maker? I think Josh Gordon has played more games at this point.

  11. howboutthemcowboys2020 says:
    September 23, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    Too bad Becks doesnt have a QB like Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes or Herbert that could actually get the ball to him


    Well, he had a QB who won two Super Bowls without him but still couldn’t win a single playoff game with him, so there’s that.

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