Richard Sherman: I’ve got a résumé that should mean more than a “momentary lapse”

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Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman says he’s ready to play, physically and mentally, and that he wants to get another chance in the NFL.

Sherman, was charged with five misdemeanors including DUI and trespassing with a domestic violence element after a July incident involving his wife’s family. But he told Doug Farrar of USA Today that he has gotten help and is confident that he can play.

I’ve got a decade worth of résumé that should stand more firmly than a momentary lapse in judgment. I’ve got a decade of character and tape to be judged off of. If you’re judging me off of a momentary lapse, I’m probably not the player for you either way,” Sherman said.

Sherman said he does not expect his legal case to be resolved until after the season, and that he has not heard anything from the NFL about potential league discipline.

The 33-year-old Sherman played the last three years for the 49ers after playing seven years for the Seahawks. He says he’s now in as good a physical condition as he’s been in since before he tore his Achilles tendon during the 2017 season. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan have both said their teams have some interest in signing Sherman, but thus far he remains unsigned.

21 responses to “Richard Sherman: I’ve got a résumé that should mean more than a “momentary lapse”

  1. Sherman is polarizing. But I do believe people make errors in judgement and every person has had an instance in their life they wish they could take back. I am not a Sherman fan necessarily, but I believe in atonement and second chances. Hopefully he makes the best of it.

  2. Ah yes. We should apply the logic to all of those people who also had a momentary lapse and only murdered one person in their life.

  3. Sometimes bad things happen in life. Based on the comments from his wife and the other reports seem like he was just going through a dark moment in life where everything boiled out but nothing outwardly bad happened from it.

    There are some players in NFL right now that are seasoned quarterbacks (or are now retired seasoned HoF QBs) that have had way more serious scandals that were glossed over and forgotten.

  4. I find it amusing that the media is always rushing to tell us how intelligent Sherman is – and it’s always in the aftermath of a story in which he has either said or done something stupid.

  5. More than momentarily lapse in judgement… He’s also an oft injured aging veteran than has shown a loss in his step.

  6. Yip Yap also has a career of running his trap and making comments that suggest he didn’t have momentary lapse of judgment. It appears that moment matches how he conducts himself on the field as well. I suggest he get some counseling. He has bigger issues.

  7. As a player, Sherman was a malcontent and constant complainer. Even overlooking that terrible episode – and quite frankly it’s hard to do so – who would ever want him on their team?

  8. I think Sherman’s incident hurt him more for his retirement career than his on the field career. He could have been on easy street doing commentary on Fox, NFL Network, ESPN etc but may have screwed that up.

  9. Unless he goes to KC were they really accept those domestic violence types and Roger will over look any type of crime and depending on if it one of the other protected teams by Roger he may have some sort of suspension for the DV charge up to 6 games.

  10. It’s more than this one moment that makes me dislike Sherman, most importantly threatening a reporter when he didn’t like what he was saying.

    With the amount of vitriol he’s thrown at people like Crabtree (and even Skip Bayless) I find it amusing that he’s making statements like this.

  11. Half the problem is the resume is too long. In rare situations, a shorter resume is better. On of those situations is with NFL cornerbacks. If you have a decade long resume, you’re possibly too old. There is always an exception, and Sherman might be that exception. I think teams are smart enough to realize Sherman is a really good person. If his phone isn’t ringing, it’s probably more about speed. He was never fast, even as a young man. But, as the season rolls along, and guys get injured, someone will sign Sherman. He has a long resume as a human being, too, and it’s a good resume.

  12. What he’s not mentioning is he was unsigned even BEFORE this “lapse”. He’s years past his prime, playing on two repaired Achilles, and constantly one remark away from causing a PR headache. When he was among the best teams were willing to look past a lot but that all changes when you’re just another guy.

  13. So quick to talk down to people when he felt he was above everyone. No that people are looking down on him he’s saying his “resume” should give him a 2nd chance. I have a hard time rooting for this guy.

  14. He just wanted to get his name back in the news since he likes the attention. I can’t see anyone signing him…ever. His skills have diminished to a point where nobody wanted him even before the incident. I find it hard to believe any team is going to be willing to sign him after that incident. Don’t go away mad Richard, just go away.

  15. He’s made a lot of money playing in the NFL i hope he was smart enough to save a large chunk of it because he’ll never see another game check from them .

  16. “Should”?? Nobody owes you anything Richard. Actions have consequences. Live with like the rest of us.

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