Sam Darnold throws for 300 yards, rushes for 2 TDs as Panthers beat Texans 24-9

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans
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Sam Darnold completed 23 of 34 passes for 304 yards and rushed for two touchdowns as the Carolina Panthers improved to 3-0 with a 24-9 victory over the Houston Texans on Thursday night.

The Texans saw rookie Davis Mills make his first start at quarterback on a short week after Tyrod Taylor injured his hamstring last Sunday. While the Panthers saw several players go down with injuries on Thursday night, they were still too much for the Texans to handle in Mills’ first start.

Darnold scored on a 5-yard touchdown run in the first quarter to give the Panthers a 7-0 lead. He would add a 1-yard touchdown on a quarterback sneak to put the game away with four minutes remaining.

Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey left the game in the second quarter with a hamstring strain and first-round cornerback Jaycee Horn suffered a broken foot in the third quarter. Safety Juston Burris also left the game with a groin injury. Horn and Burris were injured on consecutive plays.

Mills completed 17 of 26 passes for 155 yards as Houston’s offense overall was held to just 193 total yards. Mills hit Anthony Miller for a 1-yard touchdown in the second quarter that made it a 7-6 game after the extra point missed wide right.

Tight end Tommy Tremble added to the Panthers lead in the third quarter as he scored on a 1-yard touchdown on a jet sweep hand-off made it a 14-6 game. The teams would trade field goals before Darnold’s quarterback dive put the game away.

Darnold had just four 300-yard games during his three years spent with the New York Jets. He now has two 300-yard games in back-to-back weeks for the Panthers.

D.J. Moore caught eight passes for 126 yards for the Panthers.

35 responses to “Sam Darnold throws for 300 yards, rushes for 2 TDs as Panthers beat Texans 24-9

  1. Darnold is looking like he is making the most of his fresh new start…
    the real test for him comes the next few games without their star running ack…

  2. I knew with a healthy roster and all those additions in free agency and the draft the Panthers would be better this year, but I never thought Sam Darnold would play like this. Maybe he’s not a bust after all!

  3. 1. There is diving, there is belly flopping, what Darnold did was more like what his team did for him. About half way through the play Darnold just along for the ride.

    2. Can we please reasses the whole Thursday night thing? 2 non-contact injuries to 2 key players on this team.

  4. Its early, but they like the bucs of yesteryear have potential. I am officially annoyed with them

  5. Kids looking pretty good. And he’s still I think 24 or so years old. He might just finally prove his doubters wrong down there in Carolina.

  6. One week does not a career make but I’ve said from the beginning this kids problem was the Jets not him. So I bagged off the usual rush to label someone a bust (I think people just like saying that) and hoped he latched on to a better team. Here’s hoping he has. Real football watchers can tell when you’re looking at player versus system (both good and bad) and there’s just things I see in him that says he isn’t likely to ever be elite, but he can be pretty darned good.

  7. Amazing what happens when a QB gets protection from an O-Line. Not to mention receivers and running backs who can step up. How’s thing going for the NYJ’s?

  8. We learned nothing about Sam Darnold watching him play for the Jets.
    In their 60 years, the Jets have had only two head coaches who won more games than they lost—Bill Parcells and Al Groh.
    Who but the Jets would have hired Adam Gase immediately after he was fired in Miami? What a joke!
    Darnold had no chance. It’s good to see him getting another with the Panthers.

  9. Good for Darnold. Carries himself with class.

    He’s had a great start to the season and any time analysts discuss how good of a start he’s off to, the elephant in the room that everyone is thinking is “because he’s no longer on the Jets.”

  10. Sam Darnold and Matt Stafford are the luckiest people in the NFL right now. Somewhere in Michigan Jared Goff is mulling retirement. BTW move over Jeff ‘8-8’ Fisher,Adam Gase is officially the worst ‘longest’ tenured coach in the business

  11. Glad to see Darnold doing well. Not a Panthers or Jet fan, it’s just nice to see someone get a second chance and take full advantage of it. Speaks volumes to coaching and organization. And skill of course.

  12. This could be the Jets if they had kept Sammy and drafted Sewell. Congrats to the Panthers for taking advantage of one of the worst run franchises in all of sports.

  13. If Sam Darnold turns into a Probowl level QB this would be another great example of the importance of an organization and coaching staff to a player’s career. I’m seeing something similar in Matt Stafford. Despite putting up huge numbers season after season in Detroit he couldn’t overcome the organization and coaching there. The team couldn’t make the playoffs except a handful of times. It impacted his legacy and people questioned if he was really good. In LA so far he has looked like one of the best QBs in the league and the team is humming. The season has barely started and anything can change but so far he and the team has looked fantastic.

  14. The Texans appear to have inherited the mantle as the worst team in football, at least in the NFL.

    Mismanaged at every level.


  15. Impossible not to see Gase as the culprit for both Donalds and Tannehill’s slow starts to their careers

  16. Gase is the common denominator here. Messed up 2 QB’s. No wonder he’s out of the league! Useless coach…

  17. Amazing what happens when you get an actual offensive mind and have actual weapons around him- lol.

    Best of luck to you Darnold. That being said, it will be interesting to see how thing shake out with McCaffrey.

  18. with the soft cover 2 the Texans were running, Darnold could have gone for 500 yards. Numerous times he missed the guy running in the soft part of that zone. They better teach their linebackers to play deeper to defend the soft part of the cover 2 or Tom Brady will have a field day when he plays them.

  19. If a NFL team can’t get there act together after x amount of years NFL needs to force the owners to sell. Look at this situation Darnold might of saved his career by going to a different team and the Jets are slowly wasting away another QB.When a team Drafts a Quaterback they need a Good support system for him to grow.They needa good structure and if he doesn’t have it most likely he will be another Bust.

  20. No doubt Jets have been terrible for years, but it’s just three games. A little early to say Darnold is a legit QB and Wilson is a bust. Good for Darnold to get a fair shot though, hope he makes the most of it. Saleh can’t be worse than Gase, so good luck to Wilson also.

  21. I love this. It was absolutely idiotic of the Jets to blame Sam Darnold for their troubles. I expected he would succeed with a different organization, and so far, so good.

  22. I watched the highlights of that game. He still looks like the same old Sam Darnold to me. 2 strip sack fumbles that just bounced their way. Darnold was a bad QB with a bad coach and a bad scheme in N.Y. Now he is a bad QB with a good coach and a great scheme.

  23. He will go back to the old happy feet, mistake prone Sam Darnold when he plays the Bucs defense.

  24. Nice to see Sam playing well! Glad he got a new start. The Jets just suck the life and talent out of everyone who goes through there.

  25. Darnold still doesn’t feel when the pocket is collapsing. Strip sacks are still a problem for him. He simply isn’t an intuitive QB.

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