Christian McCaffrey has hamstring strain, Panthers don’t yet know the severity

NFL: SEP 23 Panthers at Texans
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Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey exited Thursday night’s game early with a hamstring injury, and the team doesn’t know whether he’ll miss any additional time.

Carolina coach Matt Rhule said after the game that McCaffrey will undergo additional testing.

“Christian strained his hamstring. I don’t know the severity yet,” Rhule said. “The minute it happened they said ‘He’s out for the game.’ I just saw him, he’s moving around, but we’ll have an MRI or something to see what the severity is.”

Rhule indicated that if McCaffrey misses time, it could affect the Panthers’ passing game more than their running game.

“Christian can kind of do everything. I think the biggest thing with him is they have to account for him in every passing route,” Rhule said. “Christian’s amazing in his ability to win one-on-ones.”

McCaffrey signed a four-year, $64 million contract extension with the Panthers last year but played in just three games last season because of ankle and shoulder injuries. Now another injury has the Panthers concerned about McCaffrey missing time.

11 responses to “Christian McCaffrey has hamstring strain, Panthers don’t yet know the severity

  1. Having watched the game for many decades and running track for an SEC team…

    The hamstring strain didn’t look that bad. You can tell by the way he walked off. When it’s the really serious hamstring strains, you know it immediately and the Athlete can barely walk.

    I think the Panthers just wanted to shut him down quickly, because going back out on it would clearly have ripped it more.

    I’d be surprised if he missed more than a week

  2. Perhaps its time he purely plays receiver. RB role is wracking up way too any injuries and the Panthers are getting nothing for ther money.

  3. The guy is such a good player but yet another reminder of how risky it is to invest substantial resources in a running back.

  4. Sounds like he needs to be more pliable. Joking aside, he needs to figure out how to stay healthy if they are going to work him as much as they used to.

  5. Man, this guy is a heckuva running back. But for the life of me, he just can’t stay healthy. That’s a lot of dough tied up with a guy who can’t stay on the field

  6. murphyzander says:
    September 24, 2021 at 6:34 am
    This guy must seriously be made of tissue paper.

    He still plays a higher % of games than Isaiah Wynn

  7. I hate to say it but he’s never playing a full season again…this is his 4th fluke injury in 12 months.

    I squarely place the blame on “anything to be .500” Ron Rivera, 2018 306 touches 91% of snaps, 2019 403 touches 93% of snaps.

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