Dak Prescott prepares for his first home game since broken ankle

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is back, he’s healthy, and he’s effective. On Monday night, he’ll be home.

Prescott will play at AT&T Stadium for the first time since he suffered a broken ankle in Week Five of the 2020 season.

“I think it will be more special just because of the amount of Cowboys fans that will be there versus the away games,” Prescott said Friday, via ESPN.com. “I mean, obviously the first two they traveled great and felt the energy and felt that, but just knowing that the support that they’ve given me over these past, I guess, going on a year, was important, was something that I felt. And knowing when I run out there once again, whether it’s pregame, whether it’s in a moment within the game, just to be able to see up there and know that after COVID and what we all went through last year, to have them all back, yeah, it will be exciting.”

He won’t let it keep him from doing his job.

“I’ll take that moment, I’ll be thankful for it, but then flip the mind right back again to the Eagles’ defense and what I have to do to win the game,” Prescott said.

It’s a huge NFC East game, with the Cowboys and Eagles each at 1-1 after two games. Prescott threw 58 passes in Week One. That number dropped to 27 last week, as the Cowboys beat the Chargers in L.A.

Monday night’s game is the first of three straight home games for the Cowboys, with the Panthers and Giants in Week Four and Week Five, respectively.