Matt Nagy: We’re seeing new things from Justin Fields now that he’s getting first-string reps

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Bears fans are getting their wish this week, with rookie quarterback Justin Fields starting in place of the injured Andy Dalton. And Bears coach Matt Nagy says Fields is already showing he looks the part of a first-string quarterback.

Nagy said Fields is learning each day as he takes control of the starting offense in practice, but he also said he’s learning more about Fields by seeing the way he grows while getting all the first-string reps.

We’re learning, too,” Nagy said. “This week, with him getting all the reps in practice, there’s things that we’re seeing that maybe we didn’t see in the first two weeks because he wasn’t getting those one reps.”

That raises the question, of course, of whether Fields should have been the starting quarterback all along. Nagy indicated that he wanted Fields to learn from the sideline while Dalton played, but now that Fields is playing anyway because Dalton is hurt, it might have served Fields well to be running the first-string offense from Day One.

17 responses to “Matt Nagy: We’re seeing new things from Justin Fields now that he’s getting first-string reps

  1. Matt Nagy has been seeing things since he was hired here in Chicago. He’s been seeing things his way only, while others around him see that he is too stubborn to adapt his “system” to better suit the players he has to work with…

  2. Welcome to another week of the 6-11 season. Then he’ll be showing enough progress at the end of the year that the GM and HC dodge a bullet yet again. I think I have seen this movie before, and here we go again.

  3. I’m over this whole bears qb situation. If the coach is willing to throw away the year to placate fans then the bears deserve every loss and piss poor outing that comes. I won’t be surprised if the defense shuts it down when they start losing. Why waste effort on an experiment to get someone experience and the risk of a losing season. Defensive coordinators are salivating at the chance to game plan the bears now.

  4. That’s how it works. The young QB’s get better and better. He’ll be better next year, and then better the year after. Most HOF QB’s struggled early in their career’s. Lots were downright awful. It shouldn’t be any different for Justin Fields than it was for Peyton Manning or Troy Aikman. Remember, Patrick Mahomes sat out his rookie year. If it were easy playing NFL QB, it wouldn’t pay $30-40 million per year.

  5. Just go ahead and name him the starter already. Then the Bears fans can have him tore down by the end of the year and get on with looking forward to the next victim in the Bear’s quarterback rotation.

  6. The Bears are better off having a losing season with Fields than Dalton. For the simple fact that the experience Fields will gain as a starter will be far more valuable, than watching Dalton from the sideline.

  7. For me, the season starts Sunday: Fields is the better player and should have started day one. This is what the City of Chicago has been waiting for since Sid “freakin” Luckman. Best bet, Offensive Rookie of the year.

  8. How exciting for Bears fans. Hey Matt, we’re not seeing anything exciting from you so you want to come in when you have a minute and bring everything in your desk with you?

  9. I really hope this kid works out. I NEED this kid to work out as I can’t take any more Bears QB ineptitude.

    That said, he’s looked very much like a rookie QB so far.

  10. What he’s very clearly doing is setting the stage for reneging on his “If Andy’s healthy he’s still our QB” proclamation, by pointing out the improvements Fields is making. Well duh. While this might be a convenient out for you now, you have to realize you’re also contradicting your ‘Mahomes plan’ for Justin with this admission, Matt!

  11. They couldnt pick a bettee week to start him, which I predicted by the way. The NFL needs their story lines. The Browns Defense is awful. That said, Fields is luckily awful too. Bears and Browns fans may be the 2 most delusional franchises in evaluating their own teams talent, or lack thereof.

  12. How did the Bears keep this clown around for another season. He certainly isn’t the offensive guru everyone made him out to be.

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