Matt Rhule: Jaycee Horn “broke some bones” in his foot


A report on Thursday night indicated Panthers first-round pick Jaycee Horn broke his foot during the team’s 24-9 win over the Texans and head coach Matt Rhule confirmed the nature of the cornerback’s injury after the game.

Rhule said that Horn “broke some bones” in his foot and that doctors would do a “full workup” to determine the extent of the injuries. Rhule said he doesn’t believe that Horn suffered a Lisfranc injury, but that he was unsure about any recovery timeline at this point.

“I have no idea,” Rhule said. “I honest to goodness have no idea.”

The Panthers also had safety Juston Burris go down with a muscle pull and Rhule said he was also in the dark about how long he’ll be out of the lineup. The Panthers also had running back Christian McCaffrey leave with a hamstring injury, so it sounds like they’ll need every minute of their extra time off before facing the Cowboys in Week Four.

9 responses to “Matt Rhule: Jaycee Horn “broke some bones” in his foot

  1. Too bad. He’s a solid rookie. As long as he doesn’t need surgery, should make a full recovery.

  2. How does a top level athlete break some bones in his foot with no contact? I can understand tearing ligaments due to torque on a sudden plant and twist, but not broken bones. No fall from height, no impact, so how do you do that?

  3. It seems that there are a lot of injuries so far this season in the NFL. I believe the Panthers will be okay without McCaffrey for a few weeks. Chubba Hubbard will show people that they missed out on a great RB in the draft. Look at the Steelers, they picked Harris in the first round and how is he making out there, not so good. They could have had Hubbard in the later rounds and possibly been better off.

  4. Bone fx tends to heal better and faster than ligaments and tendons,and have way less potential for being a recurring problem. Likely a good thing if only bone is involved even if hardware is required for repair.

  5. A little fairer since the Cowboys have a Monday night game this week, a 6-day turnaround, and the Pathers get 10 days. Hopefully McCaffery can make it back after the Cowboy game 🙂

  6. This draft will go down for the Panthers as the one where they selected the wrong 2nd generational DB in the first round /and everyone knew it other than them.

  7. The Panthers just lost their best players on offense and defense. Yikes. Maybe they should have played backups on such a short week.

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