Myles Garrett challenges Browns’ pass rushers to step up

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Myles Garrett has one sack this season. Jadeveon Clowney and Takk McKinley have none.

The Browns have only three sacks as a team, with Joe Jackson and Grant Delpit getting the other two.

Garrett, who draws the attention of offensive coordinators, publicly is challenging his teammates to get to the quarterback when he’s double-teamed.

“For me, it’s tough watching my teammates not being able to make a play because when I see the offense keying on me with chips and stuff like that. I’m like well, they’re taking a player out of play to stop me, so we have a one-on-one,’’ Garrett said Friday, via Mary Kay Cabot of “And to see that they’re not making the play, it’s kind of frustrating. because I want to see them go out there and make big plays, and we’ve got to get there.

“I’m trying to take two or three men, however many, to take out of the pass or the run, so we have to take advantage of that. And I know that they’re not always going to do that [chip and double] me. They’re going to do that for other players as soon as they step up and start making big plays, but right now, we all have to make plays. We all have to earn that respect.’’

Last week against Houston, Garrett made only three assisted tackles as he saw more attention than he said he ever has.

“Y’all saw it,’’ Garrett said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been chipped so much in my life. They pay me too much money and that left tackle over there [Laremy] Tunsil too much money to mess up the show we were supposed to have one-on-one. But I’ve got to expect this and we’ve got to adjust to it.’’

The Browns need more from Clowney, who hasn’t had a sack since Nov. 11, 2019, which was two teams ago. The former No. 1 overall choice has only four sacks his past 24 games.

Clowney has six tackles and two quarterback hits this season. McKinley has six tackles and one quarterback hit.

21 responses to “Myles Garrett challenges Browns’ pass rushers to step up

  1. I am a buffalo fan and have always had a soft spot for the browns. after they signed clowney, I read how many other first round guys were on the roster. that is alot of bigtime huge ego`s. with OBJ in the mix, that alone (in imho) puts unnecessary pressure on a talented but still young qb. I think cleveland has as good a chance as any team in the afc to go to the SB but my guess is stefanski is gonna have his hands full.

  2. Warned Brown fans about this deficiency, but they swore up and down that they’d have 60 sacks as a team this year and that their defense was the strength of the team.

  3. He is not wrong but you should keep this in house. No need to say this to the press. No good will come from this. You sound like a whiner. Which he is.

  4. Myles is missing the big picture here. None of them are ever going to get to the QB in a Joe Woods defense. It’s designed for mediocre play
    Line up the same way, in the same soft zones, never blitzing or stunting. DBs play ten yards off the LOS, leaving easy underneath throws all day. That go for extra YAC because the safeties are so deep too. Joe Woods is the most scared, least innovative DC in the NFL.

  5. I’ve never been a pro athlete, but I played a lot of team sports “back in the day”, so I understand a little bot about team dynamics. I don’t think callng out teammates publicly is a good idea. In the meetings, or practice…yeah, I’m all for that, but not in the press.
    He is definitely speaking the truth, but to me, it’s best said without cameras and microphones.

  6. It’s pretty clear opposing OCs don’t respect anyone on the DL besides Garrett. So far they appear to be right. Joe Woods’ San Francisco zone defense depends on QB pressure and so far it just isn’t working. And because the other guys aren’t getting pressure Garrett stays double & triple teamed. The whole darn shooting match depends on 2nd tier DL making plays.

  7. Myles Garrett: “I have to put the blame for our lack of sacks squarely on the shoulders of my teammates.” Clearly he is the first star defensive player to ever get chipped, double-teamed, or schemed against.

  8. Myles is a good edge but he isnt a top 3 DE like he thinks. He’s never dominated a game and destroyed the other teams game plan. He can be shut down. He also has the most career sacks that dont matter I’ve ever seen. Guy will get a sack on 2nd down and they convert anyway. His sacks are almost meber clutch sacks. He tries out and disappears for huge stretches. Seen Joey Bosa, or even as much as I hate to say it Tj Watt wreck a game. Myles looks like he would be a beast, but he is a one trick pony. Run around the edge and try to get the sack with good bend.

  9. Calling out his teammates saying they are not winning one on one battles, great job!!! Maybe that’s why Clowney was a free agent for so long…..

  10. Careful, such criticism could bruise Jadeveon Clowney’s ego. That means he’d to go on the IR for several weeks.

  11. Garrett should start by looking in the mirror. He has made an impact in exactly 1 game in his entire career and that resulted in a tie.

  12. Those two doofs together don’t have even half the number of sacks as Danielle Hunter or Chandler Jones yet everyone fawns over them and lavishes them with attention like a couple of HOFers.

  13. purpleguy says:
    September 25, 2021 at 4:32 pm
    Those two doofs together don’t have even half the number of sacks as Danielle Hunter or Chandler Jones yet everyone fawns over them and lavishes them with attention like a couple of HOFers.
    This post didn’t age well.

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