NFL to reinstate Josh Gordon

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Josh Gordon may be back and playing as soon as next week.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL has informed the receiver that he is being reinstated.

Gordon’s latest indefinite suspension had begun in January, after the league rescinded Gordon’s conditional reinstatement. Gordon applied for reinstatement in July and the NFL Players Association recommended Gordon be reinstated earlier this month.

“We are grateful that the NFL appreciates the work that Josh put in and now he has earned another opportunity to be part of this league,” said Gordon’s agent, Zac Hiller, via Schefter. “We are proud of Josh, and I know all the fans can’t wait to see him on Sundays.”

Gordon last played in 2019, appearing in six games with New England and five games with Seattle. Back in 2013, he led the league with 1,646 receiving yards in 14 games with the Browns.

But Gordon, 30, has been subject to lengthy suspensions throughout his career due to violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy. He has played just 63 games since 2012, when Cleveland selected him in the supplemental draft. He’s missed 79 games since 2013.

Gordon has caught 247 passes for 4,252 yards with 20 touchdowns.

26 responses to “NFL to reinstate Josh Gordon

  1. WHY? This dude has had more chances than a cat has lives. My guess is that his stay in the NFL will not be long…again.

  2. That’s great that he’s been reinstated (again), but it seems that as soon as a team picks him up, he falls off the wagon. I really hope that he makes it this time, but nothing would surprise me. How many chance does the guy want?

  3. What does Vegas have as the over/under for # of games he plays before his next “indefinite” suspension? 4? Maybe 6? When I read this, it just drives home the point that the NFL doesn’t take drugs seriously at all.

  4. In addition, the NFL has also announced his next two suspensions and reinstatements.

    Also, The NFL adheres to the 46 strikes and you’re out rule.

  5. Good for him. I hope he has the resources he needs & the willpower to stay on track. Yeah he’s 30, but he hasn’t played that much so he should still have plenty left in the tank & would be a good addition to a team making a playoff run later in the season.

  6. He is a lost cause. Even Brady who is known to work with troubled players like AB couldn’t reach him. Some demons are just too powerful.

  7. Relax, folks. Dude isn’t taking steroids or beating up his girlfriend. This is a guy struggling with his own demons, and he’s had to do it in the public eye. I wish nothing but the best for him, and hope it works out.

  8. What is this “how many strikes” crap? This guy is battling addiction and each time he falters, he ONLY hurts himself. What the hell do any of you care if he gets another opportunity? More of this ridiculous “playing in the NFL is a privilege” notion. Nope. The NFL is a job with a very exclusive pool of qualified talent. That’s it.

  9. Weed is NOT performance enhancing. If it’s something worse, I get it.
    If it’s only been cannabis, let the guy play.
    If it’s something that would actually KILL someone, again, I get it.

  10. Yeah let’s feel sorry for a guy who knowingly and willingly knew what he was doing isn’t good for him. Feel bad for babies and children with cancer. Not this guy.

  11. *sigh* – AGAIN? WHY???

    Look – I realise Josh has major issues and is trying to fight them. But he will never get better as he doesn’t appear to be taking the illness seriously. The suspension should stay until he takes this seriously.

  12. If players generate revenue for the NFL, they will be given a million chances. Gordan is electric and can put fannys in seats. If players compromise potential incoming revenue stream to the NFL: I.E. Colin Kapernick or Cam Newton, they will be given ZERO chance. This is a fact.

  13. He WAS a very good receiver.

    He’s no longer that same player. He wasted too many years and too many brain cells.

  14. BayAreaBrownsBacker says:
    Gordan is electric and can put fannys in seats.

    Thanks for the laugh.
    The NFL was thriving long before anyone ever heard of Josh Gordon, it will thrive long after he’s gone, and I highly doubt even one paying fan outside of his family and a few friends EVER attended a game they otherwise would not have if Gordon weren’t playing.

  15. In 2017 he came clean on an interview, he said he would take a few shots of alcohol and hit the weed before most games as a Cleveland Brown. Who knows at this point what he’s getting suspended for, but how many times is guy going to be allowed to go down this path?

    There comes a point where if the NFL continues to suspend and reinstate it becomes obvious that the player has some serious issues that need to be addressed before reinstating him again. The NFL reinstated him multiple times, he gets paid, and then gets suspended again for drugs that is paid for with his NFL paycheck. Instead of giving him millions of dollars to blow on drugs NFL, get the guy some help before paying him again if you really truly care about his heath and well being.

  16. He’s an addict.
    If you think he’s behaving this way for fun, try reading a book.
    Walk into an AA meeting, or CA, NA, GA, etc.
    You will find Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, Academics and others from various professions.
    Addiction doesn’t discriminate.

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