Report: New Sunday Ticket could allow fans to buy one team’s games

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After 27 years of being forced to buy all in order to get some, NFL fans may be able to just buy some of the out-of-market games.

In an article by Daniel Kaplan of that focuses on the NFL’s supposed preference that Apple land the Sunday Ticket package, Kaplan reports that the new package could allow fans to buy just one team’s out of market games. Fans also could be permitted to buy stand-alone games.

That’s a huge development, one that most who buy the full package would welcome. They buy it to watch all of one team’s games. They’ve never had the ability to choose anything less than all of them.

The decision to force consumers to buy all of the games has sparked antitrust litigation in the past, and for good reason. Why should a Chargers fan living in Virginia have to buy the entire package if that fan only wants the Chargers games?

Whether it’s Apple or someone else, that feature could be coming. It’s already long overdue. By about 27 years.

68 responses to “Report: New Sunday Ticket could allow fans to buy one team’s games

  1. I’d still buy a full package deal. There is nothing like relaxing on a Sunday and channel surfing every live NFL game.

  2. If they are going to make it so you have to view it on an apple product, it’s still bad. Give it to someone who will let anyone on any device be able to purchase it. I don’t want to buy an apple tv just to view it.

  3. Before fans get too excited about this, don’t think that the price is going to be 1/32 of what they were paying DirecTV. The NFL’s going to get their revenue, I can assure you of that.

  4. Interesting !! I wonder if you could buy Red Zone by itself too….

    You have been able to do that for years via the NFL channel

  5. Just don’t do Apple. Why doesn’t the NFL partner with all the major providers in cable and streaming and let anyone buy it.

  6. If it’s Apple they DEFINITELY won’t allow it. If it’s anybody else they PROBABLY won’t allow it. If the NFL is involved at all I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything but more of the same incompetence – they can’t even update their website’s scores/stats/standings on game day. Most clueless and stingiest billionaires ever.

  7. I don’t think you would need an apple product to view it. It will most likely be streamed so you could watch it on any device.

  8. I stopped buying Sunday ticket years ago because I got fed up with having to have Directv which is crap to get it.

  9. I get that eve has an apple of billions of dollars to tempt adam, but they have no real content to offer. The serpent is in the details?

  10. To all of those dummies that say you’ll need an apple device to watch. You know that they have the Apple TV app available in the Google Play store and available on the Amazon Fire Stick, right? They want people to consume their content and make the most money they can, anyway they can. They’ll do the same with Sunday Ticket.

  11. wardo says:
    September 24, 2021 at 4:40 pm
    I’d still buy a full package deal. There is nothing like relaxing on a Sunday and channel surfing every live NFL game.


    Yea I agree that is nice. I’ve had the ticket for 20
    years. But when I’m not hooked on one game, redzone does it for me. And I don’t have to scramble for the clicker every 2 minutes because of commercials. Makes the relaxing part more relaxing

  12. Yeah here’s a real brain buster. Why don’t you work on offering the ticket on multiple platforms and not just direct tv?

  13. And they’ll announce the pricing as following:

    $400.00 for all games
    $389.99 for your favorite team games only

  14. Even with a full price NFL Sunday Ticket subscription…NFLBite’s interface and reliability was still better.

  15. I guarantee… the value for buying a single team will be FAR less than buying the entire package.

    It will probably be $200 to buy a single team, and $350 (which is a good deal) to buy the entire season for everyone.

  16. I’m cautious of all of this streaming possibilities because where I live is out in the country the internet connection and sole provider is mediocre at best.

  17. It will not come cheap. We are about to find out how much per game the providers think we will pay. Popcorn time!

  18. Why should a Chargers fan living in Virginia have to buy the entire package if that fan only wants the Chargers games?


    Come on. We should be using realistic scenarios here to make these points. The Chargers don’t have any fans, let alone clear across the country.

  19. Does this mean that when i call customer service in the Philipines they won’t keep me on hold fpr an hour with someone that speaks bad English? Gonna Pass!

  20. Might check if you are a Direct TV subscriber … I was watching week one and two not being a NFL ticket subscriber thinking it was some sort of free weekends but got a advertisement the other day that for being a loyal Direct subscriber I get the NFL ticket for free this season !! 😀

  21. Reading this site for years and can’t believe this is the post that made me make an account!

    Anyway, for those posting “the NFL won’t allow single teams or single games purchases. They gonna make their money”. The NFL doesn’t care about that. They make their money by how much the company pays per year for the rights. If they cared, they would have pulled it from directtv years ago. They don’t care if Apple gives it away with a subscription to their service. The NFL makes there money from the yearly fee.

    I think it would be great for Apple to get it because Apple doesn’t care about making money off the Ticket. They want to expand their user base base.

  22. Wow! I lived in Virginia and was teed off when I had to pay an outrageous rate just to watch the Saints games. Sometimes the Saints were on Monday night or Sunday Night Football (which wasn’t covered or may have been on the weekly afternoon game or may have played the Ravens and Washington), which were shown locally. I thought it was a money grab, but I paid it anyway. Since I retired and moved back home, I don’t have to pay them one red cent, because the Saints games are all shown locally. And since I am retired and don’t have the same income, I bought an antenna and cut the cable completely and get all the local channels. Just don’t tell the NFL though. They will try to figure out some way to gouge poor retired folks if they realize you’re getting something for free.

  23. I was one of the original subscribers when it was Thomson-Hughes. I’ve boycotted it since 2004 for this very reason. With all the stay at home stuff going on, and closing of bars, they are losing money while simultaneously paying billions to the NFL. This was inevitable and would have happened sooner if the NFL was not all about leveraging a monopoly to create another monopoly. There are a number of issues I have with the NFL. This has been #1 for almost 20 years.

  24. I’ve been lucky in that for 20 years my team has played maybe half their games on prime time or Sunday afternoon TV. Fans of other teams have had it much worse. Opening this up to ala carte ordering is long over due.

  25. Apple way overprices it’s products as it is so don’t hold your breath for a good deal. Single game ala cart is the best way for fans. I think Amazon would be a much better platform as well.

  26. Welp, I’m out. Don’t own a single Apple product in our household (albeit plenty of their stock).

  27. As long as all teams are the same price, unlike game tickets. My Cowboys haven’t won anything forever and yet their ticket prices are still insane compared to other teams…

  28. A) If Apple gets it, you might need to buy an Apple TV device but at $149, it is/was cheaper than having to sig up for DirecTV and install a dish on your roof. And of course, you do not need to buy X number of years of TV from them ($3k to $6k?) but Apple has deals with EVERY TV internet TV provider (Sling, UT, Hulu, Fubo, etc …) but they can easily offer it as a promo that you get the device free.

    B) It will mean they’ll have to release an Android app to play AppleTV but that’s not too difficult.

    C) At least you’ll know it’ll go smoothly. This is a company that manufacturers and sells up 300 MILLION devices a year (or about a million devices sold EVERY 36 hours) AND delivers about 10 major software upgrades a year to their Macs and IOS devices.

    D) The price will be higher as the NFL will want more money (surprise) and will get more from the other networks anyway.

    E) Apple can add packages that add value like linking to official podcasts & carry the local affiliates team shows (I’m guessing the Cowboys have 50 hours a week of pre & post game shows?) and as noted, offer you one team, two teams or a division …

  29. The networks will lose their minds if this happens. Even if fans have to buy every game. They didn’t squawk when it was Direct TV; on Apple TV they will snap.

  30. If we have to buy an Apple product to watch this new and improved Sunday Ticket, we will literally be getting Jobbed.

  31. The NFL is slow to adjust to how people consume their product. Look how long it took them to get rid of the blackout rule…

  32. After being a Dolphins fan for the last 20 years the one thing I know for sure is that watching Dolphins games hasn’t been the highlight of the Sunday Ticket. I like the variety.

  33. Super .. I hope then one can listen to its home team radio announcers too instead of these horrible TV chirping broadcasters

  34. The problem with a streaming service is that, unless you have incredible internet speeds, there will some buffering every time you change the channel to another game. I love that the package will be gone from DirecTV, but fast browsing between contests will no longer be possible, especially for those in rural areas where internet speeds can be limited.

  35. Radio. Nothing like raking leaves in Maine on a chilly Sunday afternoon and listening to the Patriots game.

  36. The NFL should just do the product themselves and cut out the middle man. I have no desire to purchase any package and I won’t. I cut cords 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back. If I buy a television package, then I have to work and extra day a month to pay for it. If I work all the time, then I don’t have time to watch it. None of this stuff is worth it. The best games are mostly on National TV anyway. Maybe you might miss a quarter of the best games live. If your team isn’t on in the prime slots, then they mostly aren’t worth paying to watch anyway. I would pay $2.99 to watch my team play live, if it wasn’t available where I live.

  37. Sunday ticket, though expensive, is worth the money. The NFL is going to get as much money as they can, and they know where their price point is. It’s not going to go down. Now it comes down to who do you want providing you your service? With DIRECTV, the picture quality is usually good, the sound is also 5.1 Surround, and there is less delay than in streaming, which can be frustrating if you’re a live bettor. The problem is, the customer service sucks, contracts suck, the interface sucks, and The DIRECTV packages are overpriced. It will be nice when the monopoly ends so we can hopefully get a fine tuned product. I’d much rather switch to FuboTV, Hulu, or YouTubeTv just for the flexibility of traveling with your TV , alone. Plus, it will also be nice to tell Directv to shove it.

  38. Nothing better than NFL red zone, 7 hours of commercial free foorball showing EVERY score!
    $10 bucks a month is a steal!

  39. This is great news. Regardless of who gets the rights (Apple, Amazon) I believe this is a win for customers. DirecTV is stuck in the 90s. They had a product that they had rights to and exploited it and never changed with the times. Imagine how much money they have left on the table? If they would’ve offered single game packages, single team packages, division packages, really anything aside from the buy one, buy all mantra. I can get Sunday Ticket without having DirecTV service. It is $70+ a month and allows me to stream games. The problem is the price. I don’t want all games. I want my team only and I should be able to pay for the difference. Whoever gets the rights will be more suited to cater to the fanbase. DirecTV is a dinosaur of a company. And once they lose these rights they’ll go to the wayside. They should’ve made changes years ago, if they did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If I could pay 29.99 for only my teams games I would. But do to the price (and performance) I haven’t had Sunday ticket since my Fins were rolling out Matt Moore in the playoffs. Red Zone is cool and replayed games are cool but I want a live full game. Just offer different things.

  40. Hardcore fans of one team likely do not reflect a large proportion of NFL viewership. One of the ways the sport is different to European soccer.

  41. This has been an option on GamePass for international fans for years, but it’s only 10% cheaper than getting the total package so not really worth it

  42. If Apple gets it, then it won’t be any worse worse than only getting Sunday Ticket through DirecTV just like old times.

    Besides that I’m sure you would get it through the Apple TV+ app that’s available for almost every platform if you don’t want their overpriced box.

  43. This is a good development. Unfortunately they are still limiting it to just one product that I’d guess less than 10% of consumers want or are subscribed to. The NFL needs to make this service available through multiple platforms so more consumers have access to their product. Greed rules once again in Goodell’s NFL.

  44. Every game every Sunday should be free regardless.
    You still have to watch 5 minutes of ads every 10 minutes that should be their revenue stream like it is with all the nationally televised games and quit double dipping us.

    That won’t happen but it should!

  45. NFL has had individual team online stream options overseas for years. They also allow you to buy only RedZone. I’m glad they are finally giving their home base fans the same options. I’m sure it has a lot to do with direct TV deal. Time to ditch the dish.

  46. I just got great news from DTV. My bill went up 36 per month. Ya and when I called to complain they told me I was getting the Sunday Ticket for free this year including red zone. Gosh I love free.
    Last year I told them to pack sand and didnt get the Ticket and missed nothing really except paying them 300 bucks.

  47. I’m currently running three tv’s in my home with direct tv on Sunday,i If Apple gets this as streaming I can see major problems trying to watch these games without complete glitches. If I wanted to watch after it happened I would get NFL pass. Giving it to a company not familiar with running cable or satellite style setup is going to be a tragedy! I live in the country like a lot of people and there is no way streaming will keep up with the games here.

  48. boozygoose says:
    September 24, 2021 at 7:30 pm
    Welp, I’m out. Don’t own a single Apple product in our household (albeit plenty of their stock).

    10 54 Rate This
    You don’t have to have an Apple Product to get Apple tv

  49. I’m an Eagles fan living in Montana. My apartment will not allow direct TV – or the NFL ticket. It sucks bc I can never see my teams games. This would be amazing! I would totally pay for it!

  50. Cut DirecTV when GamePass came out. Don’t regret it one bit!

    I’ve wanted ala carte for nearly a decade now. Shocks me beyond belief that the NFL hasn’t offered it yet.

  51. Directv doesn’t make enough on Sunday ticket subscriptions to cover the cost they pay the NFL but it does get them new subscribers to their packages which is where they make their money… problem is they have been losing subscribers to streaming service for years so they came out with directv streaming now… sounds good but if you want nfl sunday ticket you can’t get it streaming, you have to rent their equipment and pay all the fees and cost associated with that… It’s a scam to try and sell their outdated equipment.
    I’ll be happy with any company that gets the ticket besides directv, they’ve been scamming me long enough.

  52. That article on the Athletic was odd to me in pushing the idea that partnering with Apple would somehow open doors for the NFL. That makes ZERO sense. People with iphones aren’t going to magically want to subscribe to Sunday Ticket. It’s just another way to limit their market like DirectTV already does.

    A partnership with Amazon makes much more sense because so many people already have a Prime membership. Everything is in place. It makes sense.

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