Stepen Ross should do the deal he wants to do for Deshaun Watson

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants Deshaun Watson. Even with 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct and 10 criminal complaints, Ross wants Watson. (And Ross is not happy, we’re told, that word has trickled out regarding his desire to land Watson.)

Ross and his team haven’t pulled the trigger on the trade not because of the uncertainty over Watson’s legal situation but because of the asking price. Presumably, three first-round picks and two second-round picks.

The Texans have remained entrenched in their position, content to trade him now or later, given that the draft picks they get won’t be used until April 2022, anyway. The Dolphins and others seem prepared to wait until March, assuming that the price will still be the price, either in late September or the middle of March.

But will it? Once the dust settles on the current season, some teams will decide to find new quarterbacks. That could result in more teams joining in the bidding for the balance of Watson’s contract. And that could make the price even higher than it currently is.

For now, only the Dolphins want Watson. For now, the Dolphins have no competition.

So just do it. Give the three first-round picks. Although some teams treat unused first-round picks like a treasure map with a money-back guarantee of buried booty, plenty of them end up having fewer compelling contents than Al Capone’s vault.

The Dolphins, for example, had — and used — three first-round picks in 2020. Tua Tagovailoa, Austin Jackson, Noah Igbenoghene. Would the Dolphins send those three players to the Texans for Watson right now? Hell yes. So why not send three future first-round picks in exchange for a sure thing?

That’s what the Rams have done, with multiple players. At the most important position in the game of pro football, and given Miami’s chronic inability to find a franchise quarterback dating back to Dan Marino, it seems like a more than reasonable price to pay for Watson.

Like most owners not named Jerry Jones, Ross insists that he doesn’t directly meddle in football decisions. He doesn’t have to. Those who work for him (and who hope to continue to do so) should be smart enough to figure out what he wants without him having to order a Code Red.

So go ahead, Steve. Say whatever you need to say to send the message to G.M. Chris Grier to break the impasse and get the guy you want. Nice things are expensive. And it would be very nice for the Dolphins to finally have a franchise quarterback.

Even the most ardent member of the Tua Mafia would have to admit that the Dolphins don’t have one. With a phone call, they can get one.

40 responses to “Stepen Ross should do the deal he wants to do for Deshaun Watson

  1. If I were the Texans I would ask for more. Deshaun Watson puts Miami in the Superbowl conversation even if it is later rather than sooner. The Dolphins would get Deshaun on a team friendly contract since the Texans are eating a lot of dead money.

  2. Any trade for Watson would be risky unless there was a clause that nullified the trade depending on what happens with his legal battles. I would be extremely upset if I was a fan of the Dolphins and they traded away multiple high picks only to see Watson got to jail and the team doesn’t have 1. a high caliber starting QB or 2. first and second round picks for 2-3 years.

    This kind of trade has the potential to set this team back for the next decade if it backfires.

  3. Why in the world would someone do something so dumb as to give up 3 first round picks for a guy who by all accounts isn’t playing ball any time soon? And even if he does get on the field soon he could be off it at any moment. We have all seen how godell operates.

  4. I’m confused. You have been arguing that Houston’s asking price is too high and they should lower it to get rid of Watson and they were making a mistake for not doing so. Now you are arguing that Miami should step up and pay that excessive price for a “sure thing”? The only difference is that Tua is now hurt, I suppose, but it was pretty clear he wasn’t doing much for the Dolphins anyway. So I guess Houston was right sticking to their asking price?

  5. Sure! Sounds like a great deal, until you make the trade and the OL that leaks pass rushers like a sieve crush your three firsts and two seconds QB and put him out like what happened to Tua and Joe Burrows last year with Cincy. FIX THE FREAKIN’ O LINE FIRST!

  6. Solution- fire Greer, bring on a competent GM. Greer trashes 2 out of 3 early picks anyways, might as well get a pro bowl player and potentially a MVP candidate out of them instead…

  7. Oh yea, who is going to protect Watson? The problem is not the QB play, but the Dolphins inability in 20 years to build an OLine. Tannehill proved this. Now trade away the ability to build in the Draft and pay Watson a hefty contract and then what?

  8. Why on earth would you trade for a QB that has a serious chance of doing time. And even if he skates that, who knows when he’s gonna play, or if. Why would you put your team in a position to bring in all the press and baggage that comes with it? And why would you waste a top 5 pick if you’re just gonna give up on him 15 games into his career? Why take Tua in the first place if he had bad hips in college? Bad teams stay bad for a reason.

  9. Here’s the thing, as a Dolphins fan people keep clamoring for a QB. In reality, we have NO running game. I would rank our RB’s 31/32 behind Atlanta. Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliot, Mark Ingram, all would have helped our offense. We have no running game, so when expected to pass, what do you think will happen? I’m disappointed that Management/Coaching thinks it’s best to just plug players in the backfield with no continuity. Heck, Latavius Murray would’ve been an upgrade, but let me guess, we passed on him too…

  10. Haha no. a winless season is better than taking on that liability. better off trading the farm for the first pick in next years draft.

  11. Miami & Houston trade multi #1 picks,blow those picks,rinse & repeat.Meanwhile their division opponents and the rest of the AFC get stronger.

  12. The situation between Watson and the McNairs, specifically Cal McNair, needs to be part of a discussion that involves other owners. The akwardness and ineptitude on both sides was laid bare. However, Janice McNair is the owner of the Texans. The other awkward person in this situation is the quickly forgotten Bill O’Brien. There are enough sour grapes in this pot to stink for a long time. BOB traded away the draft picks to the Dolphins that Houston wants back. Watson’s legal troubles are centered on a lawyer that lives a few doors down from the McNairs and arose after Watson voiced displeasure with the team. This is more like an episode of “Dallas”.
    That is a lot of acrimony to cut through to reach a resolution. This is way over the head of a GM.

  13. redclaw1314 says:
    September 24, 2021 at 10:09 am

    If I were the Texans I would ask for more. Deshaun Watson puts Miami in the Superbowl conversation even if it is later rather than sooner.


    Does it really, though? He had Hopkins and Watt and only managed one playoff win. In Miami he’d be looking squarely up at the Bills and would have two other potential top-flight younger QBs (Jones & Wilson) crowding the division. And would still have to get through the likes of KC, Baltimore, and Cleveland to get close to the SB.

    He has both wear on the tread and rust at this point, and that’s after having shown he comes up small when it counts.

    Does he really have more to offer than what we’ve already seen? Is one playoff win in 4 seasons really worth three 1sts and then some?

  14. The franchise has been garbage since Danny retired. The current owner thinks he knows football but clearly doesn’t with the hiring of Gase as a head coach (even worse the Jets then hired the discard) that he is pretty clueless. All those drafts picks for a player that still hasn’t shown he is a winner or can even lead a team to wins, he definitely has some behavior problems that may or may not have gone away, there is potential of many games to a full years suspension, he cannot be the leader of the team or face of the team (how many companies will drop the Dolphins and how many other players will also get dropped with their new association to a priah), and finally there is a chance that he ends up in jail for the rest of his playing career. All these scream red flag and only a true moron (and this is why horrible teams remain horrible) would give away 5 high picks, at best offer the Texans a 5th and a conditional 1st if he doesn’t get suspended or go to jail. It would kind of suck for Watson to get Eugened before a big game.

  15. Trading for Watson may make football sense but does not make good business sense. You want him to be the face of your franchise? Even the Texans can’t step up to that.

  16. Watson isnt worth that much. Miami’s own pucks are going to be high. No qb has a chance with that line. So you get watson, then cant remotely build around him, and he gets crushed behind a bad line. Watson already is a fragile, small QB. Hes taken a beating in his short career and likes to run a decent amount. Not worth it. Use the picks and build a real team.

  17. Stephen Ross shouldn’t be making personnel decisions, especially for the most important position in the entire organization.

  18. Why would anyone give 3 1st round picks for him? The right move is to wait for now. Right now Houston is paying him to be inactive. When Houston gets tired of paying him for nothing, they will either release him or lower their demands. Hopefully by then, his legal situation has played out and anyone interested will know what discipline the NFL has meted out.

  19. So the solution to a quarterback problem that I might be the only one to think the Dolphins don’t have is to literally mortgage the future to the tune of three first and two second round picks. With no guarantee of when not if any fallout happens. What if Watson gets traded and is put on the commissioners list? Come next year what if the criminal component of the investigation makes any incoming punishment worse?? Also as a die hard patriots and packers fan…. There’s definitely been enough of a sample size that Tua isn’t the guy. From Aaron Rogers first couple games, no one believing in Tom Brady til the 6th round, the fact he wouldn’t have played when he did if not for an injury Payton Manning’s disastrous rookie year. Look at all the rings between those three. Or more recently Sam Darnold looking pretty good. Tanehill looking lights out.

  20. If you believe the NFL would allow one of its highest paid, highest profile franchise Quarterbacks to be banned for life from the game, you are incredibly naive and misinformed.

  21. Watson would be on the run just like any quarterback with the current Miami offensive line. The Dolphins are in dire need of a left tackle. Do not be surprised if Miami trades for a left tackle! Jacoby Brissett is an upgrade at quarterback. Watson would be a huge risk and the cost way to much for the risk!

  22. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed more with Florio.

    No player is worth that haul of draft picks, let alone one whose possible outcomes range from prison to a long-term suspension to a long suspension (and was trying to force his way off the team before his legal issues broke).

    Setting aside all of the stuff about what kind of human being he is and the number of accusations against him, he also has a troubling injury history – including two torn ACLs and a collar bone fracture.

    He has put up some good numbers, but his career win-loss numbers are barely north of .500 (it’s not all on the quarterback, but the Texans have had some pretty good teams recently – definitely not this year though). Meanwhile, the Dolphins’ roster still has some holes, particularly at offensive line and running back. Good luck restocking your talent with the draft-pick cupboard bare and so much cap space dedicated to Watston, if he plays.

    All of that sounds like the opposite of a sure thing to me. It would be a major gamble on multiple levels – that he stays out of jail, avoids major suspension, doesn’t cause on and off-the-field problems, doesn’t suffer another major injury or decline early because of past injuries like Wentz, and is the quarterback you think he is/want him to be. Yikes.

  23. The world has gone crazy. We are talking about taking on a potential liability to the team and community. High picks to take on all the baggage (guilty or innocent, tha baggage is still there).

  24. I think draft picks are lottery tickets especially at QB so I’d be inclined to trade for an established QB. But not Watson. he could be suspended, or worse with the criminal complaints looming. Right now it’s 50/50 his entire career is vaporware and you don’t leverage your future on that.

    Unless you’re the Vikings.

  25. This is a QB who has made repeated questionable decision off the field. He won’t admit his mistakes, pay to make them go away, and demanded a trade after he got his mega-contract because they wouldn’t let him have say in coach interviews. Sure, make a trade for him I don’t see how this can go wrong.

  26. No. Watson is damaged goods at this point. It’d be better to use those three first-round picks to fill other holes on the team, particularly the offensive line. Giving up three firsts for a guy, no matter who he is, is counter-productive. If Ross is willing to make that trade then he’s just as bad as Jerruh.

  27. Anyone remember when Ross held a presser and told the fanbase it was time to build the team the right way? No more short cuts?

    Because I do.

  28. Seems awfully early to give up on Tua. What if the Bills had made their final decision on Josh Allen after 1 year?

  29. First of all, the asking price of 3 firsts and 2 seconds will not go up. Thats rediculous. 2nd of all, what makes anyone think Watson will perform at a high level with Miamis Oline and no running game. He has always held the ball and will end up on IR in no time ON TOP OF his legal cases already. If Miamis line and running game was fine Tua would be uninjured and playing well, but thats not the cae and theres no reason to believe Watson would elevate our offense by much before he to gets destroyed.

  30. Texans fans hope you take him asap. We got rid of our big problem, we lost a lot of excellent players, we would like to move on.

  31. Nothing I know of has indicated to me that Ross wants Watson. Will be take him? Probably. Ross is leaving the coaching decisions up to the coaching staff – at least it appears that way.

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