Bears finished with one passing yard, fewest in an NFL game since 2009

NFL: SEP 26 Bears at Browns
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The Browns’ defense completely shut down Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields today, to such an extent that the Bears had an ugly stat line not seen in the NFL in more than a decade.

Chicago totaled one yard passing: Fields passed for 68 yards, but he lost 67 yards getting sacked. That was the fewest passing yards in any NFL game since 2009.

In 2009, the Bengals had a game with zero passing yards, but that was a meaningless game at the end of the season when they pulled Carson Palmer early. The 2009 season also saw the Titans total -7 passing yards in a 59-0 loss to the Patriots.

Fields will have better days ahead. He could hardly have a worse day.

28 responses to “Bears finished with one passing yard, fewest in an NFL game since 2009

  1. Fields was definitely a wasted 1st round pick. The kid has a steep road ahead just to reach 2nd stringer caliber.

  2. It almost seemed like Nagy was intentionally putting Fields in the worst possible situations. On a team with owners who cared, today’s performance would be grounds for firing but you can bet this whole cast of coaching clowns will be safe through this season and probably in ’22 as well. It’s how the McCaskeys roll.

  3. Seems odd to me that sacks should be negative passing yards, instead of negative rushing yards. Until you throw the ball, you haven’t passed and are a runner.

  4. there’s a reason 3 qbs were drafted before him and nobody wanted him but them… seems like everybody but bears fans and the media could see he wouldn’t be able to read a defense.

  5. He didn’t look ready last week. Proved it this week. God I hope this is rock bottom. If it isn’t…..I’m not sure I can watch anymore this year. 🙁

  6. The one and only passing yard was on a play probably designed and called by Granny McCaskey…Thereby proving that it doesn’t take much to be a better offensive mind than Matt Nagy.

  7. Rookie season is a learning curve for QBs, but putting him behind Chicago’s bad OL could make him learn bad habits.

  8. What really surprised me is that Fields is supposed to have elite speed yet on at least two of the sacks Garrett ran him down from behind with ease.

  9. I suspect the O-line and lack of WR separation had something to do with his performance, but geez did he look like a rookie.

  10. I too don’t understand why sacks are accounted against the quarterback passing vs interceptions because sometimes if the quarterback is scrambling out of pocket and runs outta bounds before they get to the line of scrimmage the NFL rewards the sack to the closest defender so therefore by NFL laws the quarterback is considered a runner and not a passer,,, this is one of those rules that needs to be amended in the off-season,,,

  11. Nagy was hired because of his offensive mind……it offensive. He should be fired in the morning for his game plan.

  12. If sacks counted against rushing totals, then any time the quarterback was tackled behind the line of scrimmage would count as a sack. And it affects team passing yardage totals only, not individual.

  13. To those of you ripping on Fields, what QB would have done okay behind that O-line? There was zero time to throw and zero separation by the receivers. Watch the difference vs the Lions defense next week. BTW did any rookie QB have a good game this weekend?

  14. Think Dalton or Foles would’ve done this? Neither do I. The kid can’t take that many sacks. The fans wanted it and they got it. Very ugly. There’s always hype surrounding a top pick. Dalton still gives this team the best shot to win with Foles a close second. I think we now know why Foles is still a highly paid 3rd stringer.

  15. Anyone putting this on Fields is clearly just being a knucklehead. We are seeing EXACTLY what Nagy did to Trubisky. The problem isn’t the player personnel, it’s 100% Nagy and Pace.

  16. Nagy’s offense is just bad for QB’s. We’ve seen enough and hopefully this will be the last year we have to bear it.

  17. I am definitely not impressed by Fields and still think drafting him was a mistake. The reason why is because Fields needs A LOT of development and Chicago has a record of destroying QB’s not developing them.

    BUT…yesterday falls squarely on Nagy. Nagy is the reason Trubisky struggled as badly as he did and Nagy is the reason Fields has looked like he doesn’t belong on the field. BTW, how about that O-line? This is what happens when you don’t value the O-line, have garbage coaching that thinks he’s an offensive genius, and a talented but undeveloped QB.

  18. etlange14 says:
    September 26, 2021 at 9:34 pm
    Bears fans wanted to see Justin F on the field. Well you got your wish. Now what?

    I’ve really wanted Nagy gone for horrible playcalling his whole time there. What game plan was that to not protect Fields at all? I don’t think Fields was ready to be the QB; however, you can’t throw him out there with bare protection against both Clowney and Myles Garrett and expect magic to happen. I do think he’ll need to make quicker throws (and you’d think the game plan would have included a lot more of those).

  19. 4th QB to start in the past 2 seasons and they’ve all looked bad. The common denominator is Nagy’s offense. Their line stinks but that’s all on Nagy, too, because if you can’t adjust your scheme to your personnel that’s just bad coaching.

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