Broncos paste Jets 26-0 to improve to 3-0

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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The Broncos won a pair of road games to open the 2020 season and they kept things rolling in their home opener on Sunday.

Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon both ran for touchdowns in the first half and the defense held the Jets in check for the entirety of a 26-0 win. It’s the first time that the Broncos have started a season with three straight wins since 2016 and they’ll try to get to 4-0 against the Ravens at home next weekend.

Teddy Bridgewater didn’t throw a touchdown, but he continued the efficient and effective play of the first two weeks by going 19-of-25 for 235 yards against one of his former teams. He’s completing 77 percent of his passes for the season and the Broncos have to be thrilled with the way things have worked out since choosing Bridgewater as their starter over Drew Lock.

Zach Wilson‘s first steps with the Jets haven’t been as laudable. He cut his interceptions down to two after throwing four against the Patriots last week, but the rookie was just 19-of-35 for 160 yards while being sacked five times. The Jets never got anything going on the ground either and it’s going to be hard to find winnable games on the 0-3 team’s schedule until they find a way to position Wilson for more success than they’ve done in his first three NFL games.

Alexander Johnson had two of the sacks for Denver and Von Miller picked up his fourth of the young season, so the Broncos didn’t miss Bradley Chubb this weekend. They did lose wide receiver KJ Hamler and both starting guards — Graham Glasgow and Dalton Risner — to injuries, so they’ll be hoping for good news on the injury front as the degree of difficulty of their schedule ramps up in the coming weeks.

24 responses to “Broncos paste Jets 26-0 to improve to 3-0

  1. Zach Wilson played a bunch of nobodies at BYU and only had one truly great year. Despite
    starting 3 years.

  2. If this isn’t the worst team in the history of the NFL I don’t know who is. Bozo the Clown running the team would be an improvement. Wow just wow.

  3. maven says:
    September 26, 2021 at 7:32 pm
    How does a team get scheduled to open up with the Giants, Jaguars, and Jets?
    The same way that the Cowboys get to play the NY Giants, WFT and the Eagles twice a year.

  4. buffalobluecollarlunchbucket56 says:
    September 26, 2021 at 7:15 pm
    Man, I live in New York state.
    My condolences……

  5. Zach Wilson has a special arm but clearly the brain is still developing. That’s a big ask to go from BYU to starting in the NFL your rookie year. The Jets were the worst place for him to wind up. We’ll see if they ruin him but I hope he’s lucky enough to get out like Darnold before it’s too late.

  6. It wasnt that long ago Tony Romo said that Wilson was going to the HOF right? The Jets might not win a game thsi year, they are by far the worst team in football

  7. “Man, I live in New York state. Thank God for the Bills.”

    Let New Jersey take the blame for the Giants and the Jests…

  8. Zach Wilson will be a good QB one day. He has a lot to learn. Look for him to take a step next season.

  9. Everyone needs to pump the breaks on the Broncos. They haven’t played one good team. The fact they haven’t put up over 30 against the worst teams in the league is troubling. Sure they started 3-0, they also may not win again for 4-6 weeks. Bridgewater is may be efficient but he was to start his career in Carolina and they did everything in their power to get rid of him.

  10. Anytime you shut out an NFL team it’s an accomplishment. Even if it’s the Jets. Season starts next week vs. the Ravens.

  11. Tough to shut out any NFL team so props to the Broncos. As for the Jets, they may be thinking twice about shipping off Darnold.

  12. Wilson will be fine. The Jets are rebuilding. Pumpkin head Darnold wouldn’t be doing any better.

  13. I love my donkeys but we’re in trouble when we face real talent. Our Oline was a mess before the injuries, now I’m not sure what we’ll be. We can’t run the ball even after throwing it 30 times and we can’t stop inside pressure. Teddy’s pocket awareness has held up as a bandaid but for how long can that keep going?

    Our D is very good but I worry about a team with a good running back and/or a mobile QB. Shutting out a garbage team this week and going to Baltimore Next week has a blow out back to reality writen all over it.

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