Dan Campbell on missed delay of game call: An apology from NFL means nothing

Baltimore Ravens vs Detroit Lions
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The Lions know a thing or two about blown calls. Dan Campbell does, too.

He was an assistant in New Orleans when Nickell Robey-Coleman, then with the Rams, tackled Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis before the ball arrived without receiving a penalty. The Rams beat the Saints to win the NFC Championship Game.

On Sunday, officials missed a delay of game penalty on the Ravens the play before Justin Tucker hit an NFL-record 66-yard field goal for the game-winner.

Campbell knows what comes next — an apology from the NFL office.

“There’s nothing I can say to that, because it’s the same thing,” Campbell said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Tomorrow, you’ll get an apology, and it doesn’t mean anything. That’s life, and that’s the hand we were dealt. We still had an opportunity to — that was fourth-and-long (a few plays earlier), a long way to go, and we gave it up.”

Officials normally give the offense the benefit of the doubt, with the back judge watching the clock hit zero before looking up to see if the ball is snapped. However, former NFL referee Gene Steratore said on the CBS broadcast that it felt “longer than the normal progression.”

Referee Scott Novak added nothing of substance in a pool report, because he said he hadn’t reviewed the play to determine whether back judge Terrence Miles should have thrown a flag.

18 responses to “Dan Campbell on missed delay of game call: An apology from NFL means nothing

  1. It sucks but he’s right, 4th and 19 at home and you give up a 36 yard pass completion, you take the game out of your hands and put it into someone else’s.

    They’ve got to get off the field in that situation amd while the non-call sucks, it can’t be the biggest takeaway from the game. Their inability to get off the field on 4th and long is the story.

  2. Typical an apology the league and has no conscious what so ever. Im sure when they fire the coach at Detroit he can bring this up on his resume , well the league said sorry as we lost.

  3. This situation provides another reason why every play should be reviewable.
    The mistake by the officials literally cost the Lions the game. And while this call was the worst of the day, but if you were watching redzone today, there were a bunch of questionable calls that affected the outcome of several games.
    The zebras had bad day today, and yet tomorrow nothing will be done.

  4. Hey Dan, you should apologize for giving up 4th and 19 from inside the Ravens 10 yard line and allowing the pass to be completed near mid field the play before!

  5. “What’s worse is rushing 3 men on a 4th &19.”………………………exactly, the ol’ prevent defense. Prevents you from winning.

  6. This whole scenario is only possible against the Lions. Such a cursed and eternally doomed organization.

    On another note, I always thought that Matt Stafford was overrated. Boy was I wrong. He was truly just a victim of being drafted by the Lions.

  7. It was not “typical” at all. It was well beyond time expiring on the play clock. Like most other people, I’ve watched tens of thousands of football plays in my life and their was nothing unclear about this one. Obvious penalty.

  8. Just watched it for the first time and I have to say the lions got hosed! With that being said, you cannot let them convert a 4th and extremely long with the game on the line. Also, what an incredible kick!

  9. As someone who watched the entire game and not just the network whiners please remember the not called delay of game penalty when the lions were on the ravens 1/2 yard line. Same facts and circumstances and no call. Do the lions get in from the six? Hard to know but what goes around came around.

  10. I for one am sick and tired of blown calls affecting the outcome of games. The referees need to be held accountable for these types of mistakes. Instead of a formal apology from the front office, I’d like to see the league start handing out suspensions.

    If a referee blows a call that affects the outcome of a game, they should be suspended for a game. How about two weeks for the second offense? Perhaps they should be suspended for the rest of the season with the third?

  11. The NFL has a limited time to get Lame a Snoopy Bowl trophy. They are competing against his 8 IQ points. In short, this is the last year before Lame’s limited intelligence starts to sabotage his career. It is one and done now. The NFL has to have him win. It’s all about the narrative. The NFL can’t have him exposed as a running back. They must persist in the false story that he is an NFL caliber QB.

  12. Or they could call the False Start on the same play…..

    Or that the entire left side of Ravens OLine was 1.5 yards off the line of scrimmage for Illegal Formation.

    Or just admit that they are both incompetent and throwing games.

  13. Ravens fan here. Yes, the clock was at Zero. But this goes both ways. Gene Steratore also pointed out Detroit’s TD should have been ruled short of the goal line. Could that have changed the game’s outcome? Detroit out-played Baltimore and should have won. But their coaching staff deserves some blame here for rushing only 3 on the 4th & 19 play, giving Jackson all day to throw.

  14. Funny thing about penalties is its only a penalty when a flag is thrown. Just ask any saints fan.

  15. I despise the Ravens as an opponent and want them to lose every game. But I feel bad that, for at least a few years, Tucker’s incredible kick will have an asterisk in so many fans’ minds, mine included.

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