Myles Garrett making Justin Fields’ life miserable

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett is giving Bears quarterback Justin Fields a rude welcome to the NFL.

Fields, the rookie first-round pick making his first NFL start, has been sacked more times than he has completed a pass so far today: Fields has three completions and four sacks.

Garrett has recorded 2.5 sacks and has been a constant presence in the Bears’ backfield. Jadeveon Clowney has one sack and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah has half a sack.

The Bears’ defense, which lost Khalil Mack to a foot injury, has been struggling to contain the Browns’ offense, although two fourth-down stops have kept the Browns from putting a lot of points on the board. The Browns lead 10-3 at halftime.

17 responses to “Myles Garrett making Justin Fields’ life miserable

  1. It’s amazing the Bears are in this.

    The “offensive guru” talk should never be spoken again and Nagy should hand the COY award to Fangio.

  2. As a Bear fan the impression was not 10 to 3 Cleveland at the half. it Was Browns 31 Bears ZILCH. 42 yards of total offense and not even the hint of a Bear screen play or any realistic dink & dunk. It was bad early Trubisky and he don’t play there these days. Nagy couldn’t help the last QB and showing the same with Fields.

  3. The Bears having a rookie RT with a bad back be their left tackle (of course he’s hurt) was…par for the course for this GM.

  4. Nagy actually is with his refusal to adapt his “scheme” to his players. He hasn’t moved the pocket or rolled Fields out once.

  5. how to ruin your young QB 101. Put him behind a bad offensive line clearly before he’s ready.

  6. If us Bears fans are lucky, these beat downs will continue & maybe just maybe the team will finally rid themselves of Ryan Pace and his offensive genius coaching hire, Matt Nagy…

  7. How many quarterbacks do the Bears need to go through before they realize the problem is the coach? Its obvious to everyone outside of the front office.

  8. You mean, Justin Fields is making it easy for Miles Garrett and the Browns. He’s way too slow. He wasn’t a runner in Columbus, what’s going to transform him into one in Chicago.

  9. Browns fan here, I keep wanting the Bears to be on offense because I think we will get a sack or an INT on every play. No fear of Fields.

  10. It only took two quarters for Matt Nagy to break his new rookie QB. It took him a few years with Trubisky. That’s real progress.

  11. 4.5 sacks. Horrible game plan for Garrett. That’s on Nagy. Don’t roll out against garret he can chase you down.

    Don’t sign over the hill scrubs on the line. Peter’s is hall of fame but not even worth a practice squad spot.

  12. But but Bears fans this was the second coming of Mahomes, Jackson and Murray…..does slow your roll mean anything?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. But I was assured after Tua got knocked out that the offensive line was just this thing Watson would fix.

    Maybe the Bears need Cam? Or Deshaun?

  14. Fields 6 of 20(30% comp rate) for 68yds and 6 sacks, that’s exactly why Dalton will be starting again when he’s healthy!

    BTW that’s Andy’s offense in KC, it wasn’t Nagy’s and it’s not Bieniemy’s, it’s 100% Reid’s!

  15. Peters needed help. Why didn’t the RBs and/or TEs help out? I loved watching the carnage but really wondered what was going on on the Bears’ sideline.

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