Officials appeared to miss delay of game penalty on Ravens one play before winning field goal

Baltimore Ravens v Detroit Lions
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The Lions have a long history of getting ripped off by the officials. And it appears to have happened again today.

On the play before the Ravens hit a game-winning 66-yard field goal as time expired, Lamar Jackson threw an incomplete pass. But it appeared that the play clock expired before Jackson got the snap, and that the Ravens should have been backed up five yards for delay of game.

Former NFL referee Gene Steratore said on CBS that the officials sometimes give the offense a split-second to snap the ball after the play clock expires, but that on this play, delay of game should have been called.

“That feels to me like it’s longer than the normal progression,” Steratore said.

Justin Tucker‘s 66-yard field goal bounced in off the cross bar, so if the Ravens had been pushed back five yards and he had been kicking from 71 yards, it would have been well short. It’s also possible that the Ravens wouldn’t have even attempted a field goal and would have tried a Hail Mary instead if the delay of game had been called.

Instead, the Ravens got the game-winner, and the fans in Detroit got another opportunity to wonder what the league’s officiating department has against them.

29 responses to “Officials appeared to miss delay of game penalty on Ravens one play before winning field goal

  1. Aaron Rodgers has been getting an extra second on the game clock for years. It’s the NFL equivalent of bonus time in soccer.

  2. Goodell strikes again.

    He and Bisciotti play golf together at Augusta. They have been in bed together for years, as we know.

  3. This game shouldn’t have been close. Ravens WRs dropped 3 TDs. Happy for Tucker though. He’s a GOAT.

  4. touchback6 says:
    September 26, 2021 at 4:40 pm
    Goodell strikes again.


    You need professional help son

  5. One day the Ford family will take the huge pile of secret apologies they have from the league office and cash them in for a big pile of nothing. This happens to teams like the Lions with owners who don’t care. Fords are happy to make billions on the team and never be competitive. They don’t raise a stink. They don’t even speak out. Rog Will call up Sheila and say, “Gosh, sorry about that. You’re getting almost a quarter billion in TV revenue from us this year so it would be great if your just let it slide.” She will and they’ll go back to laughing at their idiot fans who keep buying tickets.

  6. There is nothing to see here. The NFL has worked for several years to get Lame a Snoopy Bowl and now they’ll just fudge things to make it happen.

  7. The Ravens ran another play after the one the penalty wasn’t called, who knows if that play would have gained more yardage if circumstances were different. Justin Tucker broke the NFL record! Period!

  8. That was horrendous and should be a play that should be reviewed.
    The Lions really got screwed on that one. An apology doesn’t help

  9. It wasn’t close. Play clock expired easily 2+ seconds before the play. Should have been called. Funny I hate the lions. But I hate bs officials worse. Another reason to lose interest in NFL. No excuse.

  10. bassplucker says:
    September 26, 2021 at 4:35 pm
    Aaron Rodgers has been getting an extra second on the game clock for years. It’s the NFL equivalent of bonus time in soccer.


    Brady too. I really do feel for Lions fans. Even if they hadn’t gotten screwed by the refs, does anyone believe that Tucker would have made that kick against any other team? Maybe the Lions’ Lake Erie brethren in Buffalo or Cleveland, but man. That was just absurd.

  11. I watched the very end of the game. THE PLAY CLOCK HAD CLEARLY RUN OUT FOR AT LEAST OVER ONE SECOND!!!!

  12. The refs clearly didn’t want the game to end on a penalty (10 second runoff). But if the situation had been reversed and the penalty had been against the Lions. the refs would have called it. Perennial losing teams don’t get the same respect as contenders. The apology from the NFL won’t change the L to a W.

  13. Wrong the field clock was different than the TV clock that’s why the The Lions got kinda a free time out when they had the ball and reset it too 135 game clock and 25 seconds on play clock but cause clock was wrong it was actually was 2 whole seconds left on the field clock and it wouldn’t have been a run off cause the clocked was stopped at worst it would have been have been 1st and 15 with 7 seconds left

  14. What about the free touchdown the Lions were awarded on 3rd and goal? The Lions back had a knee on the ground that would have been 3 instead of 7 and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    Lions wouldn’t have even been in the game if the Ravens didn’t have 15 players on IR and that’s not counting most of the defensive line being out due to covid. Of course nobody here brings that up because media likes to have there own narrative. Politics, sports, entertainment it’s all the same shenanigans lol

  15. Y’all fans clearly don’t know the rules a 10 second runoff can only happen if the clock is already running with a penalty and it was not tuning Lamar spiked the ball with 7 seconds left that play happens after so the game would not have been over

  16. While we’re all moaning about blown calls, can someone please explain how an attempted backwards pass by the Lions, recovered by the Ravens, magically turned into an incomplete forward pass, upon being swatted by a D-lineman? That was a turnover to the Ravens, deep in Lions territory, that the refs called back.

  17. it is hard to have any respect for the NFL what allow this to happen so frequently to one team;

    NEVER see GB, KC, TB, Pittsburgh, Dalllas, NE get jobbed like that year in and year out;

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