Raiders move to 3-0 with overtime win over Dolphins

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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In a wild, back-and-forth game in Las Vegas, the Raiders fell behind early, took a big late lead, and then found a way to win in overtime over a Dolphins team that wouldn’t go away.

The 31-28 win improves the Raiders’ record to 3-0 on the season and serves as a strong statement that they’re legitimate playoff contenders.

But they didn’t look like it early on, falling behind 14-0 in the first quarter. It wasn’t until the Dolphins called a terrible play from deep in their own territory, a pass completion in their own end zone that was turned into a safety, that made the score 14-2 and brought the Raiders to life.

From there it was all Las Vegas for most of the rest of the game, and the Raiders appeared to have the victory in hand until a missed extra point by Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson kept the Dolphins in the game, down 25-17.

Capping a great last-ditch drive, Dolphins quarterback Jacoby Brissett ran for a touchdown with two seconds left in the fourth quarter, then threw a two-point conversion pass that tied the score at 25-25.

In overtime, Carlson redeemed himself with a field goal on the opening possession, and after the Dolphins matched it with a field goal of their own, the Raiders marched into field goal range again, and Carlson hit the game-winner.

Derek Carr completed 26 of 43 passes for 386 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception, another strong showing for Carr in a surprisingly strong season for the Raiders.

40 responses to “Raiders move to 3-0 with overtime win over Dolphins

  1. Dolphin offensive line continues to get worse, good luck winning 4 games season.
    Fire the GM & HC already.

  2. I’m annoyed that we made it more difficult that we needed to. We should have thoroughly whipped the Dolphins. A win is a win, though. Go Raiders!

  3. Derek Carr has 1203 passing yards.. averaging over 400 yards per game .. and he isn’t playing weak D’s

  4. Raiders made boneheaded mistakes to leave Miami in this game. The Dolphins have perhaps their worst offense in decades and should fire Grier tomorrow morning. No developing quarterbacks, no offensive line, and receivers running around everywhere trying to figure out why they are doing it. A lot of wasted picks! Grier cannot be aloud to mortgage all our future picks to save his job.

  5. Yet another game the Raiders would have typically lost in the past…liking what I see…pretty much my stomach can’t handle any more closegames s

  6. Carr’s the real deal! 30 is the new 20, I agree. Something special is happening at Vegas. I believe the Vegas dynasty begins when Gruden beats Brady in the Super Bowl, Tuck Rule PAYBACK REVENGE, this is good news for the Chargers on Monday Night Football with a banged up squad coming off a tough game. Good to watch some Kenyan Drake as an AZ fan; not an every down back, he won’t fumble. Gruden knows what he’s doing!

  7. If you didn’t see the game, you would have witnessed the dumbest offensive play call ever. The Dolphins were backed up in their end zone and threw a quick pass to Jaylen Waddle who was lined up outside and who was quickly tackled for a safety. A high school coach wouldn’t even think of making that call.

  8. As a Phins season ticket holder for more than 2 decades, this team is just not that good and it’s all because nobody on this OLine would start on any other team, in fact I doubt any of them would make another team’s practice squad.

    It all falls on Grier’s shoulders, he has ruined this team with worthless high draft picks. There are a couple of decent players drafted but there could have been lot’s of game changers and what he drafted was game losers.

    He drafted a CB in the first round that doesn’t even dress for games because he sucks. All the OL drafted are horrible.

    Until the line is fixed, TomBrady wouldn’t be able to win a game on this team.

  9. That was some of the worst play calling for Miami since the Adam Gase days. And the OL was once again a pathetic mess that no matter who the QB is it wouldn’t matter. Someone will be losing their job this season in the Miami organization.

  10. With the Raiders and Broncos playing well, poor Aaron Rodgers may have to stay with GB or go somewhere he doesn’t like next season.

  11. Raiders Offense looking good with a patch work O-line. O-line shoud get better once the young players get a little seasoning, especially James, the new center. He has had bad snaps in every game I think. Edwards and Ruggs have shown a lot of growth and should continue to improve. The defense is vastly improved with young players stepping up and just enough vets.

  12. Raiders hung in there per usual. Defense couldve played better down the stretch but overall didnt really give up huge plays. 3-0 means nothing tbh, so much season left, Derek on pace for like a 5k+ yard season atm but as long as we “just win baby” it doesnt matter.

  13. Should’ve been PA on Fuller in the EZ with overtime none the less. The way they called this game made me sick not as a Dolphins fan but a FOOTBALL fan. If this keeps up I’ll finally be done for good.

  14. This raiders team should NOT be giving teams like the Dolphins chances to win. Raiders defense appeared to be in prevent all day and our offensive play calling leaves a lot to be desired TURN RUGGS LOOSE ON THE OUTSIDE and let Bryan Edwards earn his keep !!!

  15. Dropped passes, a few heavy no-calls from the refs, several personal foul penalties, a missed kick, a terrible playcall that lead to a safety/turnover.

    I can’t believe Miami kept it close.

  16. They lost but man Brissett put the team on his back in the 4th quarter and drove his team downfield for the tying fg in OT.

    He’s kinda like Tyrod Taylor….teams keep overlooking him for big name rookies but he can win some games

  17. Its the end of another 3 year cycle for the fins. Show some promise years one and two then fall apart in year 3. Time for another new regime and 2 years of promise before the inevitable implosion

  18. Anyone who watched this game knows it should have never come down to OT. Gruden’s play calling was pathetic … 2 runs and a pass on the last 2 drives which resulted in 2 straight 3 and out.
    Every media outlet should be calling out Gruden seriously that was pathetic.

  19. Terrible play calling all game and Brisset was scared to throw the ball beyond 6 yards until the last drive and OT. Anyone who thinks he gives us a chance is delusional. It took him 30 passes to barely crack 200 yards.

  20. Dolphins are the new Browns. In a year or two they will be the first 0-17 which is fitting since they’re the first 17-0 team.

  21. This is why Brissett is a backup. You crank out that many throws and barely crack 200? At least Tua was taking the shots downfield when he was in. Without that what are the Dolphins? I’d rather have them hand the ball to Malcolm Brown 25 times a game and try and wear a defense down instead of this mess of a scheme they tote out there. Embarrassing. With the lack of production from our treasure grove of picks I’m guessing Grier’s seat is starting to get a bit warm. Watson, Tua, Brissett, none of them are the answer. Gotta figure it out in the trenches.

  22. Dolphins fans need to stop crying. The fans were warned about the nonsense Chris Grier was doing and the horrible Brian Flores who ran cover 0 against the Ravens on week 1 opening day 2 years ago. Grier showed who he was with the Josh Rosen trade. Flores has shown ridiculous moves on offense year after year. Flores has changed offenses every single year. Fins fans kept throwing around a phony 6-3 record for Tua as a starter. Fins fans deserve Chris Grier, Brian Flores, Tua and that dreadful line. Too many signs have been there showing the ineptitude of the dolphins coaches and management.

  23. nagyisterrible says:
    September 26, 2021 at 10:08 pm
    Worst 3-0 team ever


    Sounds like someone lost their bets yesterday. The Raiders didn’t play the Jets and Jags like the 3-0 Broncos did.

  24. For anyone who thinks about posting how the Raiders are the worse 3-0 team out there.

    “With wins against the Ravens, Steelers and Dolphins, the Raiders have become the first team in NFL history to win each of their first three games in a season in which their first three opponents all had 10-plus wins the prior season.”

    Yeah, this 3-0 team really sucks…smh.

  25. raiderdave0109 says:
    September 27, 2021 at 8:59 am

    nagyisterrible says:
    September 26, 2021 at 10:08 pm
    Worst 3-0 team ever


    Sounds like someone lost their bets yesterday. The Raiders didn’t play the Jets and Jags like the 3-0 Broncos did.


    Jets, Jags, and Giants. 0-9.

  26. raideralex99 says:
    September 26, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    Anyone who watched this game knows it should have never come down to OT. Gruden’s play calling was pathetic … 2 runs and a pass on the last 2 drives which resulted in 2 straight 3 and out.

    Going for it on 4th down on their side of the field early in the game without Jacobs was just stupid. Gruden trying to hang onto an 8 point lead was also stupid. He needs to be aggressive in those situations and push the ball down the field.

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