Report: Texans’ “stance started to soften” on Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The planets may be aligning for a potential Deshaun Watson trade.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the Texans’ “stance started to soften” regarding the truckload of picks and/or players that they want for Watson.

The news comes at a time when the Dolphins may be (or at least should be) thinking more seriously about pulling the trigger on a trade. With Tua Tagovailoa out for at least three games with a rib injury — and with a very real potential for more injuries given his size, playing style, and lack of high-end blocking — owner Stephen Ross could tell his football operations at any time to get it done.

We continue to hear that Ross definitely wants Watson. There’s an easy way to get him. The opportunity to do so in 2021 lasts until November 2.

That said, remember this: The NFL has not yet decided on whether to place Watson on paid leave because the league hasn’t had to make that decision. A trade for Watson could be followed by him landing on the Commissioner Exempt list. The Dolphins, who’d be making the move for the long haul and not for 2021 only, would have to accept that possibility before doing the deal.

18 responses to “Report: Texans’ “stance started to soften” on Deshaun Watson

  1. I hope the Dolphins don’t trade for Watson because they wouldn’t be any better. They need to use that cap space and those first round draft picks to build this team around TUA . Tua is a really good QB but hasn’t been given a chance to show it yet.

  2. I dare Miami to pull the trigger on Watson. Do it!! Do it right now!! Stop talking about it and do it. I bet the Dolphins don’t have the guts to do it. The Dolphins seem incapable of making good sound decisions or any decision at all. They obviously don’t believe in Tua, so unless Brissett lights it up over the next three games, what other options do they have.

  3. As a native, they are trading Tua. IR is to preserve his health for the trade, these two things just don’t happen on back to back days. Watson will “clear” his name, but might get a 4-6 game suspension.

  4. As a dolphins fan I do know any decision the Dolphins make in this situation will be the wrong one, they always do!

  5. Why would they want Tua in a trade? Where is the value? He’s a system QB and not really a good QB. Why waste a trade for him?

  6. The Dolphins don’t need QB Deshaun Watson or any other quarterback. Miami needs two offensive tackles. Jackson and Davis are offensive guards playing out of position. Their lack of offensive tackle skills are hurting the Miami offense. If Miami uses their draft capital to obtain Watson it will thwart obtaining upgrades on the offensive line!

  7. Chris Grier is the problem. Give Flo draft decisions. He’s the one responsible, win or lose. Flo wanted Herbert, not Tua. The Fins are not united in decision making. But dump Tua for a player facing possible suspension/prison? What’s done is done. See what shakes out with Brisset, see what possible FA’s are there after this season. Just stay with the guy you think would be the messiah. What else could you do? Second guess yourself into yet ANOTHER mistake? No, no, & no.

  8. If they’re now willing to trade him for less when they wouldn’t budge for the longest time, do they now know something we don’t?

  9. My opinion about trading for Watson has been expressed on this and other forums. If the Dolphins pull the trigger the at least have clauses that in the event that Watson is found guilty criminally the agreed upon compensation is reduced or out right voided.

  10. The only way to compensate for risk of Watson facing criminal prosecution, ”ick” factor and a likely suspension is for the Texans to ask for much less.

  11. Miami is hamstrung by having traded its 2022 number 1 to Philly. From the looks of things, that could be a relatively high pick – one that WOULD have been attractive to the Texans. Not sure how Miami gets a deal done without that pick.

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