Chargers got away with pass interference on Chiefs’ Hail Mary

NFL: SEP 26 Chargers at Chiefs
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Pass interference is rarely called on Hail Mary passes. But it’s supposed to be, and it should have been on the Chiefs’ Hail Mary pass on the last play of Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes heaved the ball toward the end zone, where both Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce were in position to make a play for it. Chargers cornerback Tevaughn Campbell bear-hugged Hill, while Alohi Gilman grabbed Kelce and knocked him to the ground. Both players easily could have been flagged for pass interference, which would have given the Chiefs one more play to try to score a touchdown from the 1-yard line.

Former NFL referee Terry McAulay, who now serves as an analyst for NBC Sports, said the Chargers absolutely should have been flagged.

“There is no scenario where this is not a foul for defensive pass interference,” McAulay wrote.

If the Chargers had been flagged, the Chiefs would have had a great opportunity to tie the game with a touchdown, then win the game with an extra point. It was a big missed call, and the fact that the officials often miss that call on Hail Mary passes doesn’t make it acceptable.

15 responses to “Chargers got away with pass interference on Chiefs’ Hail Mary

  1. Well, the officials stole Dallas game from the Chargers last week, so it’s only fair they gift them a win this week.

  2. I’m ok with not calling it simply because they never call it. Consistency is a good thing.

  3. I’m a chiefs fan, but the way they have been playing, the chiefs belong exactly where they are at. There defense is horrible they can’t stop anybody. This chris Jones experiment is a disaster. And now we have to many d lineman when we should have gotten a linebacker or two.

  4. I’ve seen a dude get tackle from behind on a Hail Mary play they are not going to throw a flag lol otherwise I’d bet the odds of throwing up 4 Hail Marys and getting a flag would be pretty good.

  5. How about you stop turning the ball over and win by 20? Then you don’t have to hope an official bails you out, or calls PI…. Or maybe win some games by double digits before you try no-look passes that even confuse your receivers.

  6. Is it worth mentioning the Miami game? I mean they don’t have Pat Mahomes to talk about, but a clear no-call coat then the game, or at least a 1st and goal at the 1, with a chance to win on a TD.

  7. Soon it will be easier to list the calls they got right. What was called correctly is becoming a far shorter list

  8. Now that they’ve allowed gambling $ to influence the league, these questions will never stop every week.

  9. The no-look pass was cute (eye-roll) and way off target. Romo blamed the WR. Yeah, ok. Stop with the slurping all the time. He’s a very good player but yesterday he cost his team a division game.

  10. Adage as old as football…hits you in the hands you have to catch it. If all you can catch is perfect balls it shows why he isn’t a number 1.

  11. I’m a raider but my buddy who’s a Is dolphins fan said John Abraham pass interfered with the receiver in the unzone and overtime which would have put it on the one and it looked like it could have easily been called.

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