John Harbaugh: Ronnie Stanley is meeting with doctors, some decisions have to be made

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Ravens left tackle Ronnie Stanley missed his second straight game on Sunday and it sounds like it may be a while before his ankle will be well enough for him to return to action.

Head coach John Harbaugh was asked about Stanley’s status during his Monday press conference and said that consultations with doctors are ongoing. He also suggested that a determination about Stanley’s future availability will be coming this week.

“It’s still in process,” Harbaugh said. “He’s meeting with doctors even as we speak. We’ll find out pretty soon. Some decisions have to be made, I wouldn’t want to comment further than that.”

Alejandro Villanueva has started at left tackle the last two weeks with Patrick Mekari taking over for the former Steeler on the right side of the offensive line.

6 responses to “John Harbaugh: Ronnie Stanley is meeting with doctors, some decisions have to be made

  1. Ravens need him badly. Their QB right now is 16th in passing and 25th in QBR with 3 TDs, 3 picks, and 5 fumbles (2 lost). Despite what Ravens fans and the media jam down our throats, that’s just a poor QB. Absent the fumble by Helaire and an egregious miss of a delay of game penalty, the Ravens would be 0-3 right now.

  2. Um what a terrible take by whoever commented that slew – Jackson is on pace to throw for 4,312 yards which would shatter his career high of 3,127 during this 2019 MVP campaign. But yeah make Lamar throw the ball. Pick your poison with him. He’s an all world talented athlete who’s only getting better.

  3. LOL. Cherry picking a stat line in an attempt to prove their point instead of listening to the analysts who watch and study the games. Some people are just so blinded by hate they can’t see the huge holes in their narrative.

    I don’t believe in playing the “if this happened” game either but here is another one. If the Ravens were fully healthy with no one on IR they would be 3-0 easily.

  4. So when Lamar threw that horrible pick when he could have put the game away, you cheered him and said, “what a great read and a great throw by a great QB at the right time?” I’d be more than happy to cherry pick his terrible decisions and throws and turnovers in key moments and key games, but I think his playoff record speaks for itself. And none of this is hate, it is actually simply being objective based on what he actually does and the outcomes as a result. It’s not pretty. You can have all his incredible athletic skills and scrambles and I have always been positive and complimentary with him for those plays, but he cannot win a Super Bowl or multiple playoff games because of his clear and obvious flaws making decisions and throwing the ball inaccurately.

  5. “when Lamar threw that horrible pick”
    “His playoff record speaks for itself”
    “Its not pretty”
    “Cannot win a Super Bowl or multiple playoff games”

    The playoff record one is funny. HE’S IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!

    Thanks for “being objective” when it comes to judging his play. Keep shouting your opinion, its good comedy

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