Matt Nagy: Andy Dalton, Justin Fields, Nick Foles all under consideration to start this week

NFL: AUG 21 Preseason - Bills at Bears
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Bears coach Matt Nagy doesn’t know yet who his starting quarterback will be on Sunday against the Lions.

Nagy said today that Andy Dalton is still recovering from his knee injury, Justin Fields is shaking off a hand injury and only Nick Foles is fully healthy, so the Bears will have to see how the week goes before deciding who starts Sunday.

“They’re all three under consideration right now,” Nagy said. “We know where Nick’s at health-wise, but we just want to keep an eye on Justin and Andy.”

Nagy said Fields’ X-rays were negative on his hand, while Dalton is still considered week-to-week with his knee injury. It would seem at the moment that Fields is the most likely to start, but the Bears simply don’t know yet which quarterback will be on the field against the Lions.

What Nagy does know is that his offense needs to look a whole lot better than it did on Sunday against the Browns, or else soon it will be some other coach deciding who the starting quarterback is.

51 responses to “Matt Nagy: Andy Dalton, Justin Fields, Nick Foles all under consideration to start this week

  1. Until they fix the problems with the O-Line I don’t care who they trot out there it’s going to be problematic.

  2. If I was the Bears owner I would have fired Nagy after the game and given him cab fare back to Chicago

  3. That same O line had ZERO problems against the rams or bengals. The only difference is the QB. Perhaps the issue lies right there.

  4. Fields shouldn’t even be in consideration, I doubt he’s going to magically learn how to read a defense in 6 days. The team isn’t winning anything this year. Getting your rookie qb injured while running a gimmick offense that’s tailored to his physical abilities isn’t doing anything for him in the long run. Give him a shot later in the season if he makes some strides over the next couple months.

  5. How does Mitchell Trubisky sound now?
    That was probably the worst QB performance put on by Fields in the 50 years. 6-20 for 68 yards and 9 sacks. And he played a full game. That was beyond ugly. Foles and hopefully Dalton will be ready.

  6. Field’s is clearly not ready based on his performance this past game. All those fans who booed Dalton got what they asked for though not what they wanted. Foles may not be a franchise QB but he is a battle tested veteran. If Dalton isn’t healthy, Foles gives them the best chance of winning a few games until he is. His mobility gives them a better chance behind a suspect OL.

  7. As a Giants fan, I would just like to confirm that if you don’t have good line play on both sides of the ball, then nothing else matters. Fields won’t be able to develop behind that line, so they shouldn’t play him until its play rises to mediocrity.

  8. At this point David Montgomery running the wishbone has just as good a chance. And on a related note, I’m a little surprised that the clip of Foles telling Andy Dalton on the sidelines that “Matt’s offense isn’t working” hasn’t gained more traction in the mainstream media. It doesn’t appear that player buy-in to Nagy’s scheme is very high right now.

  9. Gee Whiz, let’s see. One QB on your team is a Superbowl MVP and another is a 3rd stringer… Oh wait, Your Superbowl MVP QB IS the 3rd stringer. Who hired this guy as a competent HC?

  10. The only thing under consideration is the job of Matt Nagy. He can start by giving over the play calling to Bill Lazor. Next – he should polish his CV, since he’ll be looking for another job. Lastly – clear his desk and leave, ensuring the door doesn’t hit him on the way out!

  11. I knew the often-desperate Bears would stick their newly acquired Miracle Worker into the fire too soon. I wish I’d bet on it.

  12. I didn’t see the whole game, just lowlights but what i saw would get any QB killed. Tackles whiffing (not even laying a finger) on the Blitzing defensive ends, getting no help, and called 5 to 7 drop backs.

    You give Foles time behind a solid offensive line and he can win the game for you. Behind this offensive line, he’ll be on IR by halftime. Foles is not mobile.

    It is criminal that Fields wasn’t used on roll outs and boot legs. Even the other team was confused (but happy) at the lack of creativity on offense.

    Sit Fields even though he may be the best choice because you don’t want to ruin your franchise QB behind that offensive line. Let Dalton and Foles be the cannon fodder so that the new GM and coach has a healthy franchise QB next year.

  13. Nagy is the problem. Fields had zero time to set any rhythm, and the play calling and the O line was atrocious. Fields has the tools but the coach has no clue how to use them and the flip flopping on naming a QB after 3 games is ridiculous. Nagy has to go.

  14. Here’s to Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace being fired. Bear Down! Or at least got to fire Matt Nagy. Can’t forget about the offensive line coach he can pack his bags right along with Matt Nagy…

  15. Nagy can’t coach offense. How many role outs did he use?? How any multiple tight ends did he use. How many screens did he use? none or few…. Fire him now!!!!

  16. I read the headline like it was saying Nagy himself was under consideration to play QB, which would be poetic justice given he’s the main problem.

  17. I am a Foles fan and I don’t want him playing for that terrible team any longer. Nagy deserves Dalton 24/7 on his trash offense.

  18. After yesterday, the subject line for this article sounds about right. The dude doesn’t have any idea about anything.

  19. Bear fans: “We have everything except a QB.”

    (Fields plays like garbage)

    Bear fans: “It’s not his fault. We have NOTHING else!”

  20. Thats how a terrible coach answers that question. The answer is: Justin Fields. you spent a high pick on him and he seemed to perform well. Start the Rookie

  21. Fields has shown he is a long way from being ready to start for the Bears — like a workable O-line away instead of the five turnstyles who lined up Sunday.

  22. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s time for them to end this experiment. Without Fangio, he’s simply been a bad coach.

  23. patrickvwashington says:
    September 27, 2021 at 12:22 pm
    That same O line had ZERO problems against the rams or bengals. The only difference is the QB. Perhaps the issue lies right there.
    Yet their defense failed to show up to the game against the Rams.

  24. The Bears O-line allegedly not having issues with the Rams or Bengals doesn’t negate the fact that the O-line was a disaster on Sunday against the Browns.

  25. Fields had .78sec behind that line compared to Baker’s 3.

    The problem wasn’t Trubisky or Fields, but it is a nagging problem.

  26. Remember last year when the Broncos had to start a WR at QB on short notice? Well that Broncos team finished with more net passing yards than the Bears did yesterday. That Broncos team outgained the Bears 112-47, had the same number of first downs, were slightly more efficient on 3rd down, gave up 8 less sacks, and possessed the ball for 3.5 more minutes. With a WR at QB. Nagy should be embarrassed.

  27. Justin Fields = Just another Ohio State QB NFL bust! That Ohio State produces some really horrible NFL QBs! The saga continues!!!

  28. How about know the meaning of the words screen pass or organized scramble. What a mess is Tres available again?

  29. Bears ownership: Todd Monken, Brian Daboll, Joe Brady all under consideration to coach next season….

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