Myles Garrett: We expected to see Justin Fields move out of the pocket more

NFL: SEP 26 Bears at Browns
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The Browns sacked rookie quarterback Justin Fields nine times on Sunday. Making the impressive accomplishment somewhat easier was the fact that the Bears didn’t make maximum use of Fields’s ability to run away from pressure.

“We thought they were gonna roll out a bit more, kind of move the pocket,” Garrett told PFT by phone after the 26-6 win over the Bears. “They gave him the opportunity to drop back, and it was just awesome to get back there.”

The Bears attempted to make adjustments after intermission aimed at incorporating more mobility into the mix.

“I think they tried a little bit more in the second half but we were able to kind of snuff it out and they moved away from it,” Garrett said.

Garrett moved plenty on Sunday. It helped him avoid the double- and triple-teams that had slowed him down in the first two weeks.

“We were able to move me around and put in position where it kept them from doubling me too much,” Garrett said, explaining that he got some chip blocks.

Teams would be wise to do more to stop Garrett, starting with the Vikings in Week Four. As former Vikings defensive coordinator Dungy explained last night, former Vikings coach Dennis Green told former Vikings offensive coordinator Brian Billick that, if the other team has a great pass rusher and if that great pass rusher is allowed to wreak havoc, the offensive coordinator will be fired.

13 responses to “Myles Garrett: We expected to see Justin Fields move out of the pocket more

  1. Everyone except Nagy thought that. One of the worst coaching displays of the week.

    I’m not even sure why they paid their tackles today. Every lowlight of the bears they showed was a tackle totally missing his block and the DE rushing (with noone in front of him) at Fields (who was dropping straight back instead of rolling out) for the sack.

    The offensive line play was horrible but the coaching was worse.

  2. Fields is flat out awful. He wasnt even a good college QB. Have no idea what the Bears were thinking drafting him. Bad teams are bad for a reason because they make dumb decisions like drafting bad QBs

  3. Bears need to clean house today! why waste the whole season? they’re done for the year. Start over including of course the GM.

  4. Like it or not the problem was not the O line although they were bad. Go back and watch the tape. There was always a guy open in the short crossing routes but fields locked on one WR and held the ball too long which is what Dalton is excellent at. This is why Fields needed to sit.

  5. The Mckaskey’s should be embaresed, but their not. Other wise Nagy and Pace would be fired. The Lions are licking their chops…The worst play calling I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  6. Fields is good example why highly-touted rookie QB’s can benefit from sitting and watching and learning and absorbing. Too much, too soon, try too hard, burn out or get injured. It’s a cliche but cliches exist for a reason.

  7. Maybe I don’t pay enough attention, but I never really thought Nagy was all that bad of a coach — until yesterday. The Bears’ D still looked pretty dang tough.

  8. For the life of me I don’t know why everyone was expecting Fields to roll out more, that wasn’t what he did at Ohio State!

  9. It’s VERY rare that inexperienced rookie QB with little or no protection fare well against an aggressive pass rush.

    Heck, it’s hard for even experienced QBs to play consistently well in those circumstances.

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