Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger may already be regretting giving it another go

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers
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When the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger worked out a revised contract that kept him in Pittsburgh for an 18th season, I said that both team and player would regret the move by November.

If injected with truth serum, they’d quite possibly admit that they already regret it.

Through three games, Roethlisberger is struggling. His passer rating of 79.0 puts him at No. 28 among all current starting quarterbacks, ahead of only Tua Tagovailoa (and Jacoby Brissett), Trevor Lawrence, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Justin Fields.

Sunday’s game against the Bengals was Roethlisberger’s statistical low point for the season, a 70.9 passer rating. As NBC’s Rodney Harrison said on Football Night in America, Roethlisberger looks “extremely old.”

He has a pec injury. At one point on Sunday, his right arm bothered him. And there are still 14 regular-season games to go.

That said, there are still 14 regular-season games to go. Things can change, quickly. Linebacker T.J. Watt, who missed Sunday’s game with a groin injury, is a difference-maker.

Still, things get challenging soon. They play the Packers, Broncos, and Seahawks over the next three weeks, before a bye. A 2-4 start looks possible. Based on how they played on Sunday, 1-5 isn’t out of the question.

Looming after Week Seven are two games against the Browns, two against the Ravens, and visits to the Chargers, Chiefs, Bengals, and Vikings.

Never underestimate the abilities of coach Mike Tomlin. He has a knack for making chicken salad. Regardless, he needs to activate the recipe, because the past two weeks have definitely looked like chicken you-know-what.

The biggest reason for hope comes from the fact that the offense remains new, a work in progress. Although it’s a bizarre sort of Frankenstein monster with old players and new players and 80 percent of new offensive linemen and a new coordinator and no obvious identity, more reps will help. If/when some of those reps can lead to success.

Currently, the Steelers rank 25th in total offense — and dead last in rushing offense, with 53.0 yards per game. Without a running game, defenses won’t be kept honest. And Ben will be kept very busy avoiding defensive linemen and blitzing linebackers and defensive backs. At some point, he may reprise the line made famous by Roger Murtaugh.

25 responses to “Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger may already be regretting giving it another go

  1. Steelers fans should be grateful We have enjoyed 18 year of relevance with Ben at QB. However it’s now a mostly young mans game at QB…Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, Jackson, Prescott, Burrow, Watson(**) et, al, with more youngsters getting their feet wet, all doing things Ben USED to do. We just have to hope there is not another 20 year QB abyss like that between Bradshaw and Ben. Relevance will no longer be a thing if so.

  2. I predicted it would take until Halloween before Ben and the Steelers had regrets….we are ahead of schedule

  3. Run the ball…… thats what you said you were gonna do….do it. 14 carries a game won’t work.

  4. It cannot help that the Steelers installed an entirely new offense with different terminology.Whoever made that decision should probably be fired.

  5. With a new offense, it takes a season or more to really remake the roster fit the scheme. The reality is that the Steelers should have started this make-over about 2 to 3 years ago. As stated in many articles, Ben is an easy target, but the offense as a whole is not playing well. Until the O-line starts giving Harris some running room it’s an “Is what it is” kind of situation. The decision hiding in the shadows is the one that involves replacing Ben with Rudolph or Haskins. They’re younger and might be a better fit with what the new O.C. wants to do.

    Gonna be a looong season.

  6. If the refs would have called holding on the Steelers’ LT who was grabbing shoulder-pads and jerseys virtually every passing play then Ben would have looked even worse

  7. kayes says:
    Last time I saw a QB this washed up was Peyton Manning’s last year.

    Except that with the help of a stout defense Peyton Manning game-managed his team to a Lombardi Trophy before calling it a career. His arm and legs were shot, but by being smart, taking care of the ball, and knowing his limitations and what NOT to do he was able help his team.
    Despite a stout defense, I doubt Ben Roethlisberger will be standing by the end of the regular season, and the playoffs are a long shot at best for the Steelers.

  8. When Peyton Manning joined the Broncs for one last run, they were a SB quality team who needed Payton to do just enough to let their D win the game. The Steelers are not in that position where they don’t need a franchise QB to win it all. This is not going to end well.

  9. Could have told you this last year. They will have to rebuild and they might have wanted to trade their best assets to rebuild with instead of paying out the big bucks. This franchise won’t be down for long.

  10. Ben either can’t or won’t attack the middle of the field. It seems obvious the answer is can’t…until you watch the second half of last year’s Colts game or the second half of last year’s playoff debacle. In both those halves Ben’s arm looked as strong as ever and the Steelers offense rolled to points. However, that leaves “won’t” as an explanation, which makes no sense at all.

    On another note, how can there be four offenses worse than the Steelers. I can’t imagine what that looks like.

  11. Steelers go as the o-line goes.
    Where is the pass pro? The running game?
    If you can’t run defenses will just come with pressure, which this line can’t handle.
    Ben is not the (major) problem here.

  12. Mind boggling they brought him back even with his “pay cut”. Last few years trade away #1 for Minkah, who is a safety and will now eat up a ton of space next year. Then, draft a running back when O Line was done. Great organization historically, but it’s easy to hide blemishes when you had a franchise QB. Good luck next few years.

  13. Yes, Peyton was brought in just to do enough to let the D win the game. Hey Peyton, can you throw 55 TD passes this year? After all, we just need you to just do enough for our D to win.

  14. The only question is does Tomlin have the brass to sit Ben, so they can see if Haskins has what it takes.

  15. Little Ben could have retained some tiny bit of dignity by retiring but he insists on dragging everyone through the mud. Just like he did when he was suspended and all the fans just shrugged.

  16. Ben wants the money that is all. Qbs are getting hit less and extending their career while the cap goes up and up for even average qbs. He knew this team was going to stink this year. And yet Pitt still didn’t have a plan after Ben. If you even think for a second Dwayne Haskins is the answer that is pretty funny. If they are that ignorant enough to not draft his replacement needy year with their first pick this team is going to be down a lot longer than a couple of years.

  17. To me the focus of attention is off. Again. At issue is not Ben. Honestly, has he gotten worse than Game 1 against the Bills?

    After Game 1, I declared the Steelers Defence Elite the secondary, the linebackers, the front five.

    Since Game 1, the Defence has been ok.

    What happened?

    Look to Cam’s left. alualu out, Tuit Out, Watt out, Bush out, Hayden out.

    The shiny object is Ben, the problem is the Defence. To win the Steelers need it to be Elite. Top 3. Let the o line, the running develop. Get the ball back again and again. Win the field position game.

    Give Ben a chance.

  18. He has never been the brightest guy, but his physical abilities were above average. Now that they aren’t anymore he is just acbug dumb out of shape guy collecting a paycheck

  19. maalea says:
    September 27, 2021 at 5:23 pm
    The only question is does Tomlin have the brass to sit Ben, so they can see if Haskins has what it takes.
    No one is going to bench Ben. He is going to come up with some “mysterious” injury, which will allow the Steelers to take Ben out of the game with some dignity. Another poster said that Haskins is not the answer, and he/she is probably right, but might as well find out for sure. I think you know that Mason is not the answer

  20. Put Rudolph in. Ben’s legs and arm are shot. Rudolph’s aren’t. At least he’ll be able to get out from under center and perform the play action pass.

    He’ll also throw it deep and on target.

    Ben has enough injuries that he can be put on IR for 3 weeks and avoid a messy divorce. At least, I think that they can.

    Put Ben on IR, elevate Haskins and start Rudolph. If the Steelers lose Sunday, they have nothing to lose. After 3 weeks on the IR, the line may have meshed and Ben can come back. If he wants to.

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