Tom Brady pokes some fun at his father’s recent comments about the Patriots

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Tom Brady Sr. recently had some things to say about his son’s departure from New England. Tom Brady Jr. had some things to say about those things in the latest episode of the Let’s Go! podcast.

“I’ve actually prepared a statement that I wanted to say, and it’s really all that I have to say on the subject,” the younger Brady said to Jim Gray. “Comments made by Thomas Edward Brady, a 77-year-old insurance company CEO, who should know better at this point in his life, don’t necessarily reflect the views or positions held by his son, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. So furthermore, should Tom Sr. continue to speak out on behalf of his son without the express written consent, Junior reserves the right to eventually put him in a home against his will. That’s all I have to say.”

Young(er) Tom then provided a more serious assessment.

“I have the greatest dad in the world,” he said. “He’s the most loving, caring, honest man in the world and without him there’s no way I’d be in the position that I’m in. He’s there to support me win or lose. He’s been on the field coming off year in, year out. And my biggest supporter.”

If Brady also addressed comments made by his trainer/business partner/close friend Alex Guerrero, those remarks didn’t make their way into the quotes distributed by SiriusXM. Between the words from Brady’s father and Guerrero, plenty has been said about how Brady feels about his time with Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Brady surely will avoid saying anything inflammatory in the days leading up to his return to New England. He knows that he gains nothing at all from bearing his soul now. Maybe he eventually will, after he’s done playing. Maybe he never will. Either way, I think we get the point — even if he’s not willing to make the point directly.

6 responses to “Tom Brady pokes some fun at his father’s recent comments about the Patriots

  1. As a NFL fan who is close to the same age as Tom Brady, I applaud and laugh at the story. Sometimes you have to say mom/dad, I got this. Even with his success, his dad is still playing Papa bear. Good on Tom to defuse it with humor.

  2. When you have 20 years of growth and success in a place there is NEVER a point where it’s appropriate to go back and throw dirt on it after. Even if you feel you have dirt to throw you still don’t. You even ask your friends to not go doing it on your behalf. This has nothing to do with the place you came from or any one in it and everything to do with how you define your own self.

  3. You can be as cynical about this as you want, but all I see is the kind of affectionate ribbing that used to go on in my family when my parents, aunts and uncles were still alive. I miss them and I’m glad that Brady’s parents are still there for their family to enjoy and appreciate.

  4. Tom Brady’s dad has always been unable to contain himself when he feels Tom has been wronged.

    Love the two of them.

    Pray that Tom has a great game when he returns to Foxboro. And that Edelman is there to shake his hand after the Bucs victory.

  5. The eternal question of which came first: the GOAT Quarterback or GOAT head coach? has answered by how Brady won another SB and how the Patriots struggle to even compete against the other bottom teams in the NFL.

  6. The whole world saw what happened to New England when Brady left, and we also saw what happened to Tampa Bay when he arrived. Tom is probably a bit embarrassed, but he’s going to stand with his dad. He’s a good kid. We’re the knuckleheads that always fall for the ruse that the guy standing on the sidelines with the HOF QB is actually smarter than the other coaches. That’s on us. And it didn’t start with Belichick, so no need to pile on him. He’s a fine football coach. Most NFL coaches are. It’s just the ones with the best QB’s win.

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