Alvin Kamara: Saints weren’t ready to play in Week Two

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints
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The Saints have had a Jekyll-and-Hyde vibe this season, with impressive wins in Week One and Three and an ugly loss in Week Two.

After Sunday’s victory at New England, running back Alvin Kamara spoke to PFT about the team’s season to date.

He definitely didn’t want to talk about the Week Two loss to the Panthers, eventually saying, “We’re not talking about that anymore.” Later in the conversation, Kamara brought it up on his own.

“If you want to talk about last week one last time, last week we weren’t ready to play,” Kamara said. “I think this week we got a better week of practice. We kind of honed in on some of the smaller details and knew what the assignment was this week and came out and executed.”

Execution improves when the Saints rely more heavily on Kamara. In the days preceding the win over the Patriots, quarterback Jameis Winston made it clear that the offense starts with Kamara.

“I just try to do everything I can when I touch the ball,” Kamara said. “I mean it’s taking advantage of the touches I do get. I wouldn’t say the team is reliant on my successes, as far as the team goes. I mean, when I get the ball I try to make as much happen as I can.”

He made it happen on Sunday, but he’s far from done.

“I mean, we can’t be satisfied,” Kamara said. “I love winning, don’t get me wrong. I’m not satisfied with today. We could be a lot better, I feel like. That’s what we got to do. We got to play our best game every week.  We didn’t play our best this week. I mean, we came out with a win. I don’t take that for granted at all, but we got to be better.

They’ll quite possibly be better on Sunday, when they finally play in New Orleans.

“It’s huge,” Kamara said regarding the return to the Superdome. “We’re ready to get back and get in front of our home crowd.”

The home crowd will be ready, too. And the opponent, the Giants, could get overrun by the talent of the Saints and the noise of their fans.

6 responses to “Alvin Kamara: Saints weren’t ready to play in Week Two

  1. Carolina is a good team. They can beat other good teams. Since that new owner bought the team they’ve made all the right moves.

  2. No matter how hard the offense tries it won’t work as a one dimensional squad. Although the o line blocking has been very uncharacteristically poor, and the reciever group is weakened,the biggest flaw is Winston. Clearly indecisive and hesitant to throw and then making a bad choice when he does. This team has thrived on the very quick read and release and that just isn’t happening.

  3. Not one word that maybe because they were missing a few coaches due to covid caused a lack of performance

  4. Kamara is the offense… When the offense relies on Winston, your in trouble.. look no further than their last game… Still lobs balls up when being tackled…
    In a QB driven league, The Saints will be driven off a cliff with that guy!

  5. They suffered from the same ailment as the Packers the week before……..they believed their own headlines.

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