Mike Tomlin: Tyler Boyd’s entitled to his opinion, I don’t have to respond to it

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd‘s comments about the Steelers’ effort level late in Sunday’s game made their way to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin’s press conference on Tuesday.

Boyd said on Monday that the Steelers gave up as the clock ran out on a 24-10 Bengals victory and the first question after Tomlin’s introductory comments cited Boyd while asking whether the coach felt like his team threw in the towel.

“I don’t care about Tyler Boyd’s opinion regarding what transpired at any point in that game,” Tomlin said. “Like I said after the game, and it includes him, I tip my cap to that team and that organization for their performance and win. I proceed on to the next challenge. . . . He’s entitled to his opinion, but I don’t have to respond to it.”

Tomlin called Sunday “just a poor day for us” and avoiding those in the future will lead to fewer questions about the team’s effort.

23 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Tyler Boyd’s entitled to his opinion, I don’t have to respond to it

  1. Have some backbone Tomlin – Steelers are going to be the bottom of the cellar for years to come. Cheers!

  2. Tomlin is a terrible head coach. I’m sorry but his teams are never ready to play and he is always given a huge pass. Spare me the non-losing season stats. Any half decent coach would have won as many games with talent that filtered through that organization. Not to mention he’s benefited from a HOF QB his entire career. I’d trade coach Trippy to the Bears or Eagles. Get what you can for players like Ju Ju, Edmunds, Rudolph, and the like. It’s time to blow this thing up and rebuild.

  3. Roethlisberger holding Steelers hostage like Drew Bress, I guarantee they ask him to retire, or will will cut him when the Season ends.

  4. I am a Bengals fan, but there definitely was no quit in Chase Claypool. Gotta give him props for fighting through cramps to be out there on the field.

  5. That’s exactly how you should respond to a question like that. Tomlin is an admirable man and coach.

    And I have no skin in this; I’m a Bucs fan.

  6. Tomlin feels has to respond to nothing including his coaching ability.. The love affair with this guy from media out of the Pittsburgh are is a laugh. Steeler fans for years wonder why he has not been on the hot seat to be replaced. The best thing he has going for him Mr Rooney loves him and looks good in shades. All the players he has was drafted or signed by him, Ben he and everyone else wants gone. That will not stop poor tackling, no physicality, terrible line, no coverage and especially no discipline. Tomlin does put words together very nicely especially asked why drop pass fourth and ten and you say ran out of bullets by then. yes we all are entitled

  7. This dude (Tomlin) has been a thorn in the side of Browns’ fans since he was hired. I hate to admit it, but he can flat out coach. Let’s not buy the burial plot quite yet. I know one thing, he’d be hired in a minute if the Steelers ever let him go, and he’d have his choice of jobs. Steeler fans should head the words of Joni Mitchell…”you don’t know what you got til its gone”!

  8. There is no need to chirp and taunt about the other team “quitting” after you win a game. Especially after Tyler Boyd really flat out quit in the Bengals loss to the Bears.

  9. Put Ben on IR for 3 weeks and let the line gel. If it does, let him come back. If it doesn’t, put him on the IR for the rest of the year.

    He has enough injuries that he can qualify for the move.

    Start Rudolph, elevate Haskins. Let’s see what they got.

  10. The Steelers quit on him and each other last season. It was evident in the Wildcard game. Zero heart.

  11. Taking the same stance when you deliberately went onto the field to prevent Jacoby Jones from scoring a TD on a kickoff return?! Nice Tomlin – very classy of you. Own it – Cheers!

  12. Bengals fan, and after reading this and thinking about it, I don’t agree with Boyd’s assesment. The Steelers didn’t play good yesterday and they are definitely being hampered by injuries especially missing their top two pass rushers. It’s nice to get the Steelers back after all of these years but looking at the grand picture, the Bengals still have a ways to go to make this rivalry competitive again.

  13. No matter how classy his response, I’ll never forget that Jacoby Jones situation. One of the worst things I’ve seen from a head coach in all my decades of watching football.

  14. Tomlin never made contact with Jacoby Jones….My gosh people, let it go! It is a nothing burger!

    And Tyler Boyd is a punk. He’ll see that after providing bulletin board material.

  15. If Tomlin can coach up this group to a 9-8 finish it will be the ultimate underachieving overachievment.

  16. steelcurtainn says:
    September 28, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    … move on to the next week.

    Be careful what you wish for….

  17. If they can get that defense healthy hey can certainly be competitive in the AFC North. But man that offense is painful to watch. Time to see if Haskins is the real deal, then blow up the offense after this season

  18. I grew up in Philly and though I moved away decades ago I still keep tabs on the Eagles. My friends still living there used to crush Andy Reid and I always defended him, pointing to the fact that they won many division titles and playoff games, and got to 5 NFC championship games with Donovan McNabb. After Reid was fired he was scooped up immediately by Kansas City and the results speak for themselves, and despite winning a Super Bowl under Pedersen, 9 of 10 Eagles fans would take Reid back in a second. Point being – really good coaches are few and far between, and you never know you got till it’s gone (kudos to Joni Mitchell). Cowher and Tomlin have the same number of Lombardis, and yet Cowher is idolized by Steeler nation and Tomlin is crucified. I don’t get it.

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