Pete Carroll: We need to be more effective rushing the passer

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings
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Seattle’s defense opened the season with a good showing against the Colts, but they have not been as effective the last two weeks as they were in Week One.

The Titans scored 24 points after halftime of their Week Two overtime win and the Vikings scored six of the first seven times they had the ball in Sunday’s 30-17 victory. The Vikings converted 9-of-14 third downs in that win and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said on Monday that “we’re in a little bit of a spell here where we haven’t gotten the football away from our opponents enough.”

One way to remedy that would be to pressure opposing quarterbacks into mistakes. Carroll said that’s an area where the Seahawks need to be better if they’re going to halt their losing streak.

“We need more,” Carroll said, via the team’s website. “We need to be more effective. We have not disrupted the quarterback. That shows you in terms of turnovers and us being able to get after that football. It starts there. Our guys are working it. They’re busting their tails to get it. We just need to work together. I think the whole thing just needs to work together tighter. We caused some holding on the football at the quarterback’s point and sometimes we’d disrupt. It just needs to work together more effectively and we’re working for that.”

Carroll said this year’s start “feels a little bit the same” as last year. The defense did struggle early last season, but they still produced turnovers at a healthy clip and the extra chances helped them open with five straight wins. That would be a good part of last year’s start for the Seahawks to mimic moving forward.

5 responses to “Pete Carroll: We need to be more effective rushing the passer

  1. They need to use a couple of 1st round picks to trade for am elite pass rusher.. Or a free safety.

  2. Pete: It’s on YOU that the defensive coordinator is NOT committed to producing a TOP RATED DEFENSE.

    As a Soldier I learned RANK HAS IT’S RESPONSABILITIES.

    As I see things, The H.C. is responsible for his coaches and players and the D.C. is not doing his assigned duties. This means both D.C. and H.C. are negligent in their duties.

    If both the Coaches are negligent we rise to the supposed top and find G.M. John Schneider. It’s time to “FLUSH THE TOILET”.
    My opinion and your $7.00 will buy you a beer at some breweries.

  3. Seattle’s defense isn’t forcing anything…they react to what is happening before them…and it doesn’t work…it would be better to march everyone up to the line of scrimmage and start gambling more….

  4. Seattle’s talent acquisition process through both the draft and free agency is a failure. They got lucky a decade ago in a couple drafts and with the Marshawn Lynch trade but most drafts since are littered with reaches and busts and traded away picks for one year rentals of players who were past their prime. I like Carroll as a coach but he and Schneider think they are smarter than they actually are when it comes to making picks.

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