Richard Sherman visiting Buccaneers

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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Richard Sherman has been looking for a place to play for some time and he will be headed to Tampa as part of that search.

NFL Media reports that Sherman will be visiting with the Buccaneers. It won’t be the first conversation between Sherman and the team.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians confirmed last week that the Buccaneers reached out to Sherman after Sean Murphy-Bunting‘s Week One elbow injury. They saw Jamel Dean go down with a knee injury in Sunday’s loss to the Rams and Carlton Davis has been on the injury report, so the team has a need for healthy bodies at the position.

Sherman was charged with five misdemeanors after a July incident involving his wife and her family, but said recently that “a momentary lapse in judgment” shouldn’t outweigh the rest of his career. We’ll see if the trip to Tampa is the first step toward Sherman continuing his career as a member of the Buccaneers.

22 responses to “Richard Sherman visiting Buccaneers

  1. That won’t fix the back end they neglected by resigning everyone else.

    He plays press and not well anymore. They are gonna have to bracket who ever he covers.

    What is the point. You have to bracket anyone else playing corner. Not worth the headaches

  2. Um, are the Chiefs aware a player with pending criminal charges that includes their preferred domestic abuse activities is about to sign with another team? I thought they monopolized that dark corner of the NFL dating back to the Tyreek Hill draft.

  3. No Thanks, TB12 wont approve of this signing. He’s washed up and has criminal charges still pending, Thats a big No from here.

  4. He’ll provide instant leadership to an injury-riddled secondary. The Niners are kicking themselves for not signing him a couple weeks ago.

  5. How is this guy not suspended? The whole thing is on tape.

    I mean, what planet are we on here? Frank Clark owns an uzi, banned as a legal weapon in 1986, and Sherman should be in jail. There is video evidence.

    It doesn’tmatter that he may settle. Greg Hardy settled and won, too, but Goodell has stopped doing the right thing. Even the AB thing. Settling for violent crimes don’t erase what actually happened.

  6. Their secondary got torched last weekend. This looks like a smart pickup. After he signs with the Bucs, it will be all hugs and kisses between him and Brady.

  7. curtis20 says:
    September 28, 2021 at 10:54 am
    No Thanks, TB12 wont approve of this signing. He’s washed up and has criminal charges still pending, Thats a big No from here.


    But TB12 more than approved of the Antonio Brown signing, and what he did was even worse. In fact, he requested that signing.

  8. Trade for Gilmore already….make it a 2 or multiple 3’s and both sides will get what they need: Bucs- top corner to bolster their secondary and Pats- more picks to build around Jones.

  9. No matter how little he has left in the tank (a bit), the Men in the DB Room will welcome him and his approach to his job with open arms.

  10. He’s an experienced body to at least fill in until the secondary gets healthy again. On Sunday the Bucs were playing a CB that had only played 4 snaps in this league.

    After this week the schedule is pretty weak for the Bucs. So it is good time to get healthy before the Saints game on Halloween leading into the bye. Then they can start the playoff run like they did last year.

  11. A trade for Stephon Gilmore makes some sense. It would make sense if Gilmore were not on New England’s PUP list.

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