Ron Rivera wants Taylor Heinicke to be more of a game manager

Washington Football Team v Buffalo Bills
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Washington head coach Ron Rivera’s post-game assessment of his team on Sunday was that they have “a long way to go” in order to be the kind of team they want to be this season and he spent some time on Monday sharing one area where he’d like to see a change.

Taylor Heinicke threw a pair of interceptions in Sunday’s 43-21 loss to the Bills and could have had more if the bounces had gone a different way. On Monday, Rivera said that he’d like to see Heinicke “do things in more of a game-manager way” in the weeks to come.

“When Taylor manages things and doesn’t force things, you can see him move the ball for us,” Rivera said, via JP Finlay of “But when he tries to do more than he needs to, bad things seem to happen.”

Heinicke was more efficient in the first two weeks of the season, but Washington was playing from behind right from the start of Sunday’s game and that’s often a recipe for quarterbacks taking chances that can blow up in their faces. Figuring out a way to avoid that in Atlanta would likely help Heinicke be more of the game manager that Rivera would like to see at the helm of the offense.

6 responses to “Ron Rivera wants Taylor Heinicke to be more of a game manager

  1. The problem isn’t with Heinicke, the problem is with the safeties. Collins and McCain should not be starting. It should be the 2020 starters… it should be Kam Curl and Eeshazor Everett back there. Not having Kerrigan in the pass rush rotation is crushing them too. Cole Holcomb has to go too. He has too much flare to be performing the way he does.

  2. Hey, that’s cool Ron. While you’re at it, maybe you could “manage” to have your ace defensive line rush more than just standard four pressure every single time as your incompetent LBs play soft zone and get picked apart by literally everyone they have played.

  3. This is mind blowing. The DL is not getting enough pressure. The linebackers can’t cover and the secondary has no idea what they are doing. What are they doing in practice ? At some point man to man has got to be better than a zone that can’t stop 3rd and 15.

  4. Its not Heinke, its Del Rios crappy schemes that aren’t generating pressure coupled with a secondary seems to be out of position almost every play. Who woulda thought that with this roster Washington would have the 31st ranked defense after three games? Terrible.

  5. Getting told by your coach that he wants you to be a game manager is the quarterback equivalent of getting friend zoned.

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