Tom Brady hints at playing one or two years beyond 2022

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When Tom Brady eventually switched his “10 more years” retirement plan to the year in which he turns 45, the end of the line for his football career became fixed at 2022.

It’s now becoming more and more clear that Brady that the fixed line isn’t. How much deeper into the decade will it slide?

In an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine regarding the launch of the Brady clothing line, Brady reconfirmed that he’s definitely playing through 2022.

“Beyond that, I don’t know,” Brady said. “Maybe it’s another year after that; maybe it’s two. I’ll have to see where I’m at with my family. That’s probably the overriding factor — what I’m missing out on.”

He also made it clear that he doesn’t want to miss out on feeling like he could still get it done.

“I don’t want to be out there and suck,” Brady said. “You think I want to go out there and look like I’m 44 years old? I want to look like I’m in my prime.”

So what will he do after the playing phase ends?

“I don’t think anything will match my football career,” Brady said. “I think it’s too hard to replicate that level of energy and output and adrenaline. That’s kind of why I want to go until the end, because I want to make sure I don’t look back and go, ‘Man, I could still do it.'”

Based on his arm and his mind, he could still do it to 50 and beyond. The challenge becomes his legs. Having the ability to move quickly enough to get away from pressure and avoid taking hits. The more he’s hit, the more likely he gets hurt. And the more inevitable it becomes that he calls it quits.

At this point, the best approach is to enjoy the show. It ends when it ends. No one knows when the ending will arrive, presumably including Brady.

32 responses to “Tom Brady hints at playing one or two years beyond 2022

  1. Its true for Brady and all professional athletes. You play until they drag you from the field, kicking and screaming, because once it’s over, it’s over for good.

  2. Just the way we didn’t know that Brady’s last game as a Patriot was his last game as a Patriot, we’re not going to know his last game in his career has happened until after the season (whatever season it is) ends.

  3. Translation: the Bucs will be in cap hell in a year or so, so I will see if another stacked team arises.

  4. I do not think he’s doing it for this, but there are yet some things he can accomplish, like:

    1. Breaking John Nesser’s record as the oldest quarterback ever to start an NFL game, which will be a 101-year-old record if Brady breaks it (on or after January 3, 2023);
    2. Becoming the oldest person ever to start an NFL game if he starts a 2023 regular season game (September, 2023).

    He’ll already have set most other records. He’s set a few already this year, and should also set new records for career regular season passing yards and career regular season completions well before the end of this season.

    I don’t think he cares about the records at all – I just have fun tracking his progress towards them. Mainly he’s doing something he loves, and is having fun doing it. As long as he can do it, and his family doesn’t suffer for it, why not?

  5. Brady clothing line! Almost as bad as the Cam clothing line. I am more in line with the Belichick clothing line.

  6. The mental aspect is just as significant as the physical. He may change his mind about playing before he runs out of gas, but that does not seem to be the way he’s built.

  7. When Tom shows up Sunday night, the fans should give him the noisiest standing O ever, on each snap of each offensive series. 🙂

  8. I think Brady should quite while he’s ahead injury-wise. You just never know when you get that freak concussion, back or leg injury that messes you up for the next 10 years. I’d finish after this season or next and consider myself lucky I’m retiring how I did, but also in fantastic shape and health.

  9. mooncussers says:

    September 28, 2021 at 8:45 pm
    Anything to stay relevant and in the headlines…..

    Winning more SBs than any NFL franchise in history will get you headlines every day.

  10. Drew Brees told an interviewer the other day that “Sundays are tough” these days. That’s part of why Brady plays

  11. Flirting with disaster, walk away, one day you’ll look 35, the next week you’ll look 45… and then the leg gets bent the wrong way

  12. We are beyond fortunate to be witnesses to the career of Tom Brady, the best of all time and likely the best for all time.

  13. He’ll play until Goodell is gone. If you understand what motivates Brady this is the most obvious thing in the world and has been since 2014.

  14. Good grief! I thought it was until you were a liability to the team? Make up your mind, Brady. So disingenuous, you were actually a liability your last 2 years in New England.

  15. Winning more SBs than any NFL franchise in history will get you headlines every day..


    Pretty sure the Steelers have 6 as well.

  16. Father time catches up to everyone, even hair-dyed Tom Brady. Either his arm gets noodley, or he suffers a major injury, but the odds are against him playing as long as he wants to.

  17. The Patriots defense will have something to say about that this Sunday. They are coming for Brady.

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