Tom Brady set to break Drew Brees’ passing yardage record on Sunday night in New England

NFL: SEP 26 Buccaneers at Rams
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will return to New England on Sunday night and achieve an impressive accomplishment: He’ll break the all-time NFL record for career passing yards.

Brady currently has 80,291 passing yards in his career, meaning he needs just 68 yards to break the all-time record of 80,358 yards, held by Drew Brees.

How unlikely is it that the Patriots will keep Brady from passing for 68 yards? Consider that in Brady’s 347 career starts (302 regular season and 45 postseason), he has only finished with less than 68 yards once, and that was in a meaningless Week 17 game when the Patriots had already clinched their playoff seed and Brady only played briefly. Even in the game when Brady tore his ACL in 2008, he had 76 yards before his injury.

The career passing yardage record changed hands from Brett Favre to Peyton Manning in 2015 and from Manning to Brees in 2018, so with Brady poised to break it in 2021, it’s been broken every three years. But once Brady breaks the record, he’s going to own it for many, many years. Brady is showing no signs of slowing down, so he’ll likely add many thousands of passing yards to the record, and no one else is particularly close: Ben Roethlisberger, who’s second behind Brady among active players, is almost 20,000 yards behind Brady. And Roethlisberger doesn’t look like he has 20,000 more yards left in him.

It’s a record Brady will own for many years, and it’s appropriate that he’s breaking it in New England.

21 responses to “Tom Brady set to break Drew Brees’ passing yardage record on Sunday night in New England

  1. With 17 games now, that record won’t last as long as people think.
    1000 yards rushing or receiving mean very little anymore.

  2. Brady can have his passing record, the Patriots will eat the W. Mac Jones should be able to move the ball against the Bucs defense.

  3. To those who say it won’t last long I guess we’ll see.

    If you look at someone like Mahomes he’ll need to perform at the same rate he has been for at least 13.5 seasons to reach Brady’s current yardage, which is obviously going to increase. However, if Brady plays for two more years then Mahomes has to maintain his pace for at least 15 to 16 seasons (so he may do it at some point during his 21st season).

    I don’t doubt the passing yards record will someday be broken but it’s going to be at least a couple of decades away.

  4. Agreed records won’t last as long, especially if they eventually make to an -8 game schedule as rumored. But still let’s assume that 5,000 yard seasons for elite QBs become the norm. That still is 16 seasons throwing for at least 5,000 yards to get to where the record currently stands. So whoever breaks it is going to have to be great for an exceptionally long time. Is Brady the first of a number of QBs who will be able to play at a high level for 20 years or is he an outlier? Time will tell.

  5. Plus 12,449 yards in the playoffs = 92,740. I’m holding out for 100K.

    Why aren’t playoff stats counted in “career passing yards?”

  6. It’s amazing how well he continues to play at his age.

    He’s not quite the QB he was – but still so good, especially when it counts. Very few athletes have that crazy thing he has, where he WANTS the ball w/ the game on the line and all of the pressure on. He thrives on that.

    I kind of hope the Bills make the SB and he’s on the other side. It would be the ultimate challenge for Buffalo to exorcise some of those demons, and it would just be a great game.

  7. Brady has averaged 265.7 passing yards per start in his career. Mahomes is at 308. At that rate, with the 17-game seasons, it would take Mahomes about 12.5 years (without major injuries) to reach where Brady is now. If Brady plays another two years, Mahomes would probably need 14-15 years to break the record.

    On the other hand, passing will probably continue to become a more prominent part of the game moving forward. Average passing yards per team has increased by about 20 yards per game over the last 10 years, and it will probably keep going in that direction, especially for a guy like Mahomes. It could be sooner than we think.

  8. Well, now that you jinxed him, he will likely be knocked out of the game early. Watch for him to go for the record on one throw, early. The only way the Patriots can win this game is to bring relentless pressure up the middle from the opening play, and deposit him on his derriere with great force and frequency.

  9. he might break* the record, but we all know brees is the true record holder.

    Dome games certainly help with their perfect conditions. Brees played in about 150 dome games while Brady in about 30. Brees was fantastic for sure but had the elements in his favor. Keep crying about Brady though.

  10. We can sit here and go back and forth about Brees vs Brady but the fact is he’s still playing and Brees isnt. I think we all know how these records would go if they were both still at the same level. But there lies the point

  11. I mean we’re really gonna pretend playing in a dome is the same as having a top 10 defense for 15 years? LOL

  12. I mean we’re really gonna pretend playing in a dome is the same as having a top 10 defense for 15 years? LOL


    In 5 games Brees injured in 2019, Saints defense under Bridgewater was better than Bears defense. In 2019 season, when Rodgers played like what you call a game manager, Packers had top 10 defense.

    BTW, during Brady’s reign, Pats defense was worse than Packers defense (under Rodgers) on total yards allowed.

  13. If anyone deserves to break Drew’s record, it’s TB12. Kudos and much respect. Looking forward to two (and hopefully three) great games against the Bucs this year.

    That said, I’ll be curious if anyone breaks this record 15-20 years down the road, My money’s on Josh Allen

  14. I mean we’re really gonna pretend playing in a dome is the same as having a top 10 defense for 15 years? LOL

    You have confused me. Since when does a Top 10 D have anything to do with a QB playing a lot of games in a dome? Did Brees play against a top 10 D every game he played?

  15. amaf22 says:
    September 28, 2021 at 1:30 pm
    he might break* the record, but we all know brees is the true record holder

    Who’s “we”? You??

    No, we don’t.

    Brees was great, but not in same discussion as Brady. It’s a rare handful and winning matters. Plus, less points for dome stats.

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