Josh McDaniels: Mac Jones can’t let a bad day snowball into a bad season

New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints
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The Patriots went with Mac Jones as their starting quarterback this season and that means they have to balance the development of their first-round pick into a long-term answer at the position with trying to win games in the short term.

On Tuesday, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said that it is impossible to “give him everything that somebody else took five or six years to learn in four or five months.” As a result, McDaniels said that he wants to treat each day “as a teachable moment” for Jones.

That covers good days and bad days with last Sunday’s loss to the Saints falling into the latter category. McDaniels said that his message to Jones this week is to not let a rough outing carry over into the future.

“You are going to have adversities,” McDaniels said, via Tom Fargo of the Boston Herald. “You may have a bad quarter, may have a bad day, you may have a bad week, it doesn’t mean you can let that snowball into a bad season. Just taking as much as you can from each opportunity to learn. The adversities are sometimes our best teachers.”

Jones’ next new experience in the NFL will be facing Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champs on what promises to be an emotionally charged Sunday night in New England. There should be plenty for Jones to learn as the evening unfolds and the Patriots will hope the lessons aren’t quite as painful as the ones.

11 responses to “Josh McDaniels: Mac Jones can’t let a bad day snowball into a bad season

  1. I have the impression observing Mac on the bench that he needs a veteran QB around. He didn’t get the opportunity to wait a year or two before starting.

  2. It’s been a long time since the Patriots have had to coach a QB. The coaching staff is having just as many growing pains as the rookie QB. Nothing to panic about. Patrick Mahomes sat out his rookie year. It takes a while to figure it out. It will get better. It always does.

  3. ice up son, that oline will get you wrecked. stacking days of qb hits, pressures, and sacks. o.c. ain’t doing him any favors trying to go deeper with that piss poor protection. it’s a team game

  4. NE fans…still having a hard time understanding the GOAT wasn’t a product of coaching, but rather the other way around.
    Mac is in a horrible position.

  5. Um, Mac Jones looked like a soldier out there in Sunday, it was his HORRIBLE offensive coordinator calling trash plays and showing a complete inability to make any adjustments that was the problem… Along with an incompetent offensive line.

  6. Belichick haters have already forgotten that this same Saints defense that tormented Mac Jones, held Brady and Bucanneers to just 3 points in Tampa last year. They are capable of shutting down any offense let alone one led by a rookie QB and a poor offensive line.

  7. The Pats will be 1-3 after Sunday. But Mac is right where he needs to be. Two INTS in three games is pretty impressive for a rookie in the NFL (Jonu is 100% responsible for the pick 6). Trevor Lawrence, who for two years has been marketed as the next appearance of Christ, has seven INTs already. Wilson has seven as well.

  8. We were told you had one of the best if not the best OL’s in the NFL???? Odd, we also heard about the ‘re-loaded’ Patriots. Nice TE signings btw….. money well spent.

  9. Mac showed leadership and toughness he didnt let anything get to him. the ball he threw to cut the game to 21-13 was with heat in his face and he delivered a beauty. his future is bright and I think that makes alot of people who dislike the Pat’s upset.

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