Lamar Jackson misses practice with back injury

Baltimore Ravens vs Detroit Lions
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has a sore hip and a stomach illness last week, neither of which kept him from playing on Sunday in Detroit. Jackson now has a back injury, one which has kept him from practicing on Wednesday.

According to the team’s injury report, Jackson didn’t practice at all today due to the ailment that didn’t seem to affect him during the Week Three win over the Lions. It remains to be seen when and if he’s able to practice this week.

The Broncos travel to Denver on Sunday.

In all, eight Ravens didn’t practice on Wednesday: OT Ronnie Stanley (ankle), OT Alejandro Villanueva (knee), DE Derek Wolfe (back/hip), LB Pernell McPhee (shoulder), S DeShon Elliott (quad), WR Sammy Watkins (rest), and CB Tavon Young (no designation, yet).

23 responses to “Lamar Jackson misses practice with back injury

  1. Repeat after me: I need an agent who will get me new contract, I need an agent who will get me a new contract…..

  2. What counts as taunting and what doesn’t? Backflips aren’t taunting or are they turning a blind eye because hes one of thier stars ?

  3. Think twice Baltimore Ravens organization about giving 150 million Dollar contract to a running back

  4. Dalriatamustangplayer says:
    September 29, 2021 at 8:46 pm
    What counts as taunting and what doesn’t? Backflips aren’t taunting or are they turning a blind eye because hes one of thier stars ?


    I think for it to be taunting it needs to be directed at a specific player or players….

  5. The NFL competition committee should outlaw backflips into the end zone because of how influential it is on college and high school players,,,if a player that is about to score is 5 yards or more away from the closest player should be given a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and the 15 yards should be given AFTER the receiving team gets the ball and not move the kicking team up 15 yards because all kickers kick it out of the end zone anyway so moving it from the 25 to the 40 will definitely make players think twice about doing this crazy stunt

  6. As a Ravens fan I don’t doubt for a second that he hurt himself because of that stupid back flip – if ya can’t do it right don’t even try

  7. Nothing to see here – carry on. He hurt his back carrying this team with his downfield passing and receivers missing straight dimes. Anyone who’s watched the Ravens this year knows how much he improved his passing. Leading the league in yards per completion and completed air yards per attempt – this is an unreal stat on top of his dynamic runs. Haters just can’t win with Lamar this year! Cheers!

  8. Keep Running around Lamar and soon enough you will go the way of RGIII and the rest of the running QB’s

    Better get your cash while you can cuz someone gonna break you in half

  9. The hate for Lamar is so real. Give it up and just enjoy a legend in the making. Remember Steve McNair, how tough he was and always injured but showed up on Sundays. Lamar is a lot more like Air than than he is RGME.

  10. And so it begins. Like with Newton before him the injuries are starting to mount for Lamar. If Lamar doesn’t learn how to play from the pocket 85%-90% of the time his career will end prematurely just like Cams did. Your body can’t take that kind of punishment week in and week out before it starts to break down.

  11. Why are so many people calling (in this content section) it a “backflip,” when it was clearly a poor attempt at a front flip?

  12. The ravens are doing their best to make the games against lesser teams interesting this year. I think we should thank them.

  13. Ravens fans with the blinders on… Lamar’s passing has improved significantly this year? Huh? He’s thrown for a whopping 3 TDs versus 3 picks and 5 fumbles while currently sitting at #20 in passing yards and #19 in QBR. Wow, he really has improved a lot. Can we just fast-forward to the playoffs when he blows yet another game with multiple turnovers and you start blaming his WRs, TEs, O Line and offensive play calling again?

  14. “He’s thrown for a whopping 3 TDs” … with 3 more dropped
    “versus 3 picks” … 2 of which were not his fault
    “5 fumbles” … besides the fact that’s not even true, 1 of them was on an RB exchange, and 1 was on a bad snap
    “currently sitting at #20 in passing yards” … and #7 in yards per attempt and #1 in yards per completion
    “and #19 in QBR” … which doesn’t factor in any of the above!

  15. Actually Jackson currently leads the NFL with yards per completion at 14.4 yards and leads with completed air yards 9.1 yards and he LEADS average distance of Target at 12.3 yards out of all QBs. The distance of Target yards they say he leads by a large margin of 2.6 yards more than Allen’s average at 9.7. Stop hatin on him, it’s clear the man has improved drastically. All those categories have to do with throwing the ball which no one thought he could do and he worked hard to improve quickly and now he leads in it so far. Give praise where praise is due. 🙏 I’m amazed he was as good as he was after recovering from covid the first time but then the man gets it again and somehow still can run those crazy legs and outrun teams. Really an AMAZING ATHLETE.

  16. Everyone thinks passing yards per game/season is the only category that matters. Teams that are throwing for a ton of yards can’t run the ball or they are playing from behind. That isn’t the Ravens modus operandi.

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