Matthew Stafford named NFC offensive player of the week

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In 12 years with the Lions, quarterback Matthew Stafford was named the NFC’s offensive player of the week once and that happened during his rookie season.

His first weeks with the Rams have seen the league take more notice of his play. Stafford was named the NFC’s offensive player of the week for his work in the team’s season-opening win over the Bears and his good play continued in wins over the Colts and Buccaneers the last two weeks.

Stafford was 27-of-38 for 343 yards and four touchdowns during the Rams’ 34-24 victory. The effort earned him his second weekly prize as the NFC’s top offensive player.

With 942 passing yards, a 70.2 completion percentage, and nine touchdowns, Stafford may also wind up taking the conference’s monthly honors and more of the same will almost certainly keep him in the MVP conversation as the season unfolds.

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  1. Love seeing this. i’ve sat through years of rival NFC North fans telling me Stafford is overrated, a bust, choker, loser, washed-up at 30, etc when it was obvious all he ever needed was a half-decent supporting cast and a coach that gets it. I’ll be cheering for him every week – even when he plays vs my Lions

  2. From the outhouse to the penthouse. He’s more than paid his dues and is a quality guy so I don’t see how anyone can hold this again him. If he stays healthy I truly think he has an outside chance at MVP this season and a very strong likelihood to get to the SB if not win it all.

  3. This guy must feel like he landed in heaven, and he earned it. He quietly, loyally, and faithfully represented the Lions and did it proudly. It’s a shame he has little to show for that effort, but it’s a blessing he has a chance to do something about it this late in his career.

  4. Good for him. I watched his whole career in Detroit (not as a Lions fan). Great quarterback and tremendous competitor stuck in a culture of failure.

  5. Still think the Rams gave too much for him? Goff and two first round picks that will be at the end of the first round and a third round pick that was a compensatory pick. They may overpaid on other trades but this will go down as one of the best trades in franchise history.

  6. Stafford & Allen both named offensive players for their respective conferences in the same week. I hope those two are playing against each other in February. The Blls vs Rams would be a fun Superbowl to see.

  7. To be fair, he had similar or better numbers many, many times in Detroit. It’s just that Detroit doesn’t get recognition for anything other than being the butt of national jokes and insults.

  8. Everybody knew that Stafford wasnt the problem in Detroit.after years and years of top ten draft picks Lions management could never aquire enough good players around him to make him successful in Detroit.truth is even Mitch Trubisky could be successful with those teammates in LA.

  9. Hard not to cheer for Stafford. I always wished the vikings would have found a way to trade for him, even though it’d almost never happen within the division.

  10. Man, this guy deserves so much credit. He endured a decade plus on a perpetually bad team. Didn’t complain, did his job, tried hard, but couldn’t win because he never had enough talent around him and poor team leadership. But now that he’s actually somewhere with a strong surrounding cast, he’s crushing it. I’m convinced had he been drafted by almost anybody else, he’d be a surefire hall of famer with a championship or two. Good for him, he deserves to win. I’ll cheer for him if my guys (Packers) don’t get there.

  11. The NFC West has two QB’s in the running for Offensive Player of the Year and Russell Wilson is not one of them for once.

  12. supercharger says:
    September 29, 2021 at 9:24 am
    It’s too bad Stafford never tried this hard in Detroit.

    It’s too bad Detroit didn’t see Stafford’s value and surround him with good players and coaching staff. Rams. >>>> Lions.

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