Melvin Gordon: We believe we can be special

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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The Broncos are one of five undefeated teams heading into Week Four and there weren’t a lot of people predicting that kind of success for the team when the 2021 season got underway.

Those that did suggest a fast start for Denver noted that their schedule opened with games against the Giants, Jaguars, and Jets. Those teams were bad last season and they are 0-9 to start this season, so the Broncos may be shorter on believers that other teams with unblemished records.

Running back Melvin Gordon noted on SiriusXM NFL Radio that “the schedule gets a lot tougher” in the weeks to come — Baltimore pays the Broncos a visit this weekend — but said that isn’t stopping the team from believing in itself.

“We’re just believing in one another more than we did last year,” Gordon said. “We believe that we could be special. We’re not just saying it. We were just saying it last year. We actually believe that we can be special. We know that we can be special.”

When discussing the uptick in the quality of their opponents, Gordon predicted the Broncos will “be down and have to rally” in the future. Their ability to do that will be a big test of how much the first three weeks have told us about Denver.

4 responses to “Melvin Gordon: We believe we can be special

  1. Beating the three worst teams in football to open the season does not make a team special. When it all shakes out the Broncos will be at the bottom of the division. They are not a bad team by any stretch, the AFC West is probably the best division in the league. But the Broncos are the worst team in the division, and that reality will being to be apparent this Sunday v. the Ravens.

  2. I’ll give them a slightly above average ranking at this point having not really played anybody but also taking care of inferior teams the way they should.

  3. 0-9. That is the win loss for the three teams the Donks have played. They haven’t played ANYONE yet.

  4. It appears the broncs are victims of excessive injuries again. Last week both guards were out on top of two receivers and three starters on the defense. The Ravens will attack between the tackles. If the Bronco guards can hold up, they may have a good chance to score 5 times as they did in the other games, but this time they can’t settle for field goals.

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