PFT’s 2021 MVP watch, Week Four

Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Three weeks in, the MVP field has yet to take shape. But it’s getting there.

Here are our list of finalists and others, based on odds from the PointsBet sportsbook.

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (+800, last week +750): The team is undefeated, and Murray continues to be the most exciting player to watch in the entire league.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (+800, last week +1000): Win the top seed in the NFC, win the MVP award.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (+700, last week +550): Losing to the Rams hurts his case, for now.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (+1500, last week +2000): Carr’s odds keep improving as the Raiders keep winning.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (+2000, last week +1500): Some value creeps in for a guy who continues to be one of the favorites.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen (+900, last week +1400): Here he comes, as expected. He could be at the top of the list, before too long.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (+1000, last week +1200): Week One keeps fading into the rear-view mirror.

Others to watch: Dak Prescott (+1500), Russell Wilson (+1600) Patrick Mahomes (+700), Teddy Bridgewater (+4000), Kirk Cousins (+4000).

Ignore for now: Joe Burrow (+5000), Baker Mayfield (+3300), Ryan Tannehill (+3300), Justin Herbert (+1500), Jameis Winston (+5000), Jalen Hurts (+7000).

Major value plays: Derrick Henry (+8000), Sam Darnold (+8000).

15 responses to “PFT’s 2021 MVP watch, Week Four

  1. Where captain Kirk???? He’s near the top of the discussuon on a team that easily should be undefeated..

  2. No way on Carr. Could not convert a 3rd down late in the 4th quarter of the 3rd game. He took a sack instead and they had to punt. Not MVP material. 2 FGs in OT says PK is good.

  3. Brady is going to try and throw for 500 this week. I hope the Pats can slow down this statement game he’s going to attempt to bring.

  4. Why is Herbert in the “ignore for now” group when he has the same or better odds than most listed here?

  5. Lamar at #5? C’mon, stop with this silly narrative. For a QB who is #18 in passing yards, #19 in QBR with a whopping 3 TDs versus 3 picks and 5 fumbles? On a team that should be 0-3?I get that they “beat” the Chiefs (thanks to the Helaire fumble) and they “beat” the Lions (thanks to an egregious non-call on delay of game)… but would Lamar be #5 on this list if the Ravens were 0-3? He would have played the exact same way, so it would be the same body of work and performance. It would be one thing if in those games Lamar went Brady and Mahomes-like and won the game with a final drive in the last 90 seconds. But nothing like that happened. So if the Ravens are 0-3 as they should be, is he still #5? Ludicrous.

  6. I told you all Rodgers would come back from that horrible anomaly in week 1 like he always does, and you haters didn’t wanna hear it.

  7. interesting stat: Josh Allen has been named player of the week seven times in just 46 career starts and five times in his last 19 games. For context, 15% of the games that Josh Allen has started in the NFL, he’s been named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

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