Bruce Arians: Veteran players want to play with Tom Brady

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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians thinks his team has an advantage when it comes to recruiting veteran free agents: Tom Brady.

Arians said after the Buccaneers signed Richard Sherman that the presence of Brady (who personally reached out to Sherman to ask him to come to Tampa Bay) is a big part of what makes Tampa an attractive destination.

“I think when you talk about veteran players who want to win a championship, when Tom calls you, you’re going to listen . . . especially with the roster he has,” Arians said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “I think there’s probably a bunch of veterans out there wishing he’d call them.”

Sherman and Brady have had a rivalry through the years, but the mutual respect between them is real. As is the respect most of the NFL has for Brady, respect that Arians sees as an advantage for the Buccaneers.

12 responses to “Bruce Arians: Veteran players want to play with Tom Brady

  1. The Brady Effect is real. His drive and leadership were the secret sauce that the talented Bucs team needed to put them over the top. He’s a large part of the reason the whole team stayed together.

    Past opponents want to get a chance for a ring with him–and just to experience his style. James Harrison did it. He even said he wanted to hate Brady when he joined the Patriots, but he ended up calling Brady “the ultimate teammate.” You’d have to look really hard to find any former teammate (and just think how many there are) say anything disparaging about him.

    That’s part of why I have to laugh when sour-grapes commenters call him a diva or a bad guy. If he is, why do the people who actually know him say such complimentary things about him? He’s not superhuman, he has faults like anybody else, and his actions might not appeal to some, but it’s just silly to foam at the mouth about him–and Patriots fans who do that are saying more about themselves than Brady.

  2. Richard Sherman probably would have signed on in Jacksonville if they’d been willing to offer him a contract. He’s a famous name but he’s well past his prime.

  3. Majority used to say veterans would come to the patriots for team friendly deals cause of belichick and the patriot way and to win a ring. The win a ring part is true but it was because of Brady. Brady is a people person. He’s been in the league for 20+ years, had hundreds of teammates, thousands of opponents, and not one of them has anything negative to say about him. A small group have labeled him a diva but is he a diva just cause he’s right about certain player personnel and only wants to improve the team. The Pats would be instant playoff and SB contenders if they still had Brady, AB, Gronk, and every other player that would want to come to the pats on the cheap cause of Brady. Now we are stuck with the Pats overpaying for tight ends and wasting high draft picks on tight ends and overpaying receivers. Gong show.

  4. Who labels Brady a diva? I’ve never heard it, his interviews are vanilla, thats about it.
    I’m a huge Rodgers fan and and acknowledge his shortcomings, he seems to fall short in big games, and has a huge chip on his shoulder.

    Brady’s success drives me crazy, but have huge respect for his talent, leadership and work ethic. Plus he plays in a warm tax friendly climate, and wins all the time, what’s not to like if you’re a vet player looking for a landing spot.

  5. Not just Brady, they want to play for me too. I may have won only one Super Bowl but I’m the league MVP andI’m better than Tom will ever be.

  6. Bruce is gonna be handing out lots of biscuits to opponents torching his awful secondary.

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