Greg Roman: Lamar Jackson dealing with back flare-up, but it doesn’t seem serious

Baltimore Ravens v Detroit Lions
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson missed practice on Wednesday, listed with a back injury. But it doesn’t sound like it’ll keep him out of Sunday’s matchup with Denver.

Via Jamison Hensley of ESPN, Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman said on Thursday that Jackson is dealing with “a little back flare-up.”

I don’t think it’s anything serious,” Roman said. “But we’re just going to have to kind of wait and see. I think he’s going to be in good shape. We’ll wait and see.”

On the off chance Jackson is unable to play this weekend, it would surely affect Baltimore’s chances. Tyler Huntley is Baltimore’s backup, and he has only five regular-season passing attempts. He also rushed for 23 yards as a rookie last year.

Jackson was able to play every offensive snap in Baltimore’s improbable victory over Detroit in Week Three. He was on last week’s injury report with an illness that kept him out of Thursday’s practice, but was back as a full participant on Friday.

13 responses to “Greg Roman: Lamar Jackson dealing with back flare-up, but it doesn’t seem serious

  1. Then again, maybe someone who takes a lot of shots shouldn’t do unnecessary flips when scoring touchdowns. Any coach with half a brain would have told him to cut that out, but Harbaugh just laughed it off. Dumb!

  2. This is just the start. I’ve seen it over and over, no matter how many times. A primarily running QB doesnt work in the NFL. Those hits are adding up, but he knows if he stops running, he isnt a good enough passer to win with out the threat of him running every play getting him easy wide open looks to his tightends.

  3. Some seriously sad people who are using this to say “see I told you mobile QBs always get hurt”. After Ben Roethlisberger hurt his pec that’s like saying “see I told you non-mobile QBs always get hurt in the pocket”

    Its a sport where 200-300lb prime condition athletes are hurling their bodies at each other. That’s why we love it!

  4. His back hurts from carrying the Ravens. They are 2-1 and could have easily been 3-0 because of Lamar.

  5. IF Lamar were to miss this Sunday – and we don’t know that he will, or what he was hurt from (Ravens reporter from the Athletic says it was on a sack taken on the last drive in the Detroit game) – the following QBs will have missed at least one full game due to injury since Lamar took over the starting gig:

    Josh Allen
    Tua Tagavoila
    Cam Newton
    Sam Darnold
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Joe Burrow
    Carson Wentz
    Gardner Minshew
    Ryan Tannehill
    Patrick Mahomes
    Tyrod Taylor
    Drew Lock
    Teddy Bridgewater
    Dak Prescott
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Daniel Jones
    Mitch Trubisky
    Matt Stafford
    Kirk Cousins
    Drew Brees
    Matt Ryan
    Jimmy Garoppolo
    Jared Goff

    … I see a whole bunch of injury prone running QBs, right guys?!

  6. I have back problems. Trust me, they aren’t little and, unlike wine, they don’t get better with age. He’s awfully young but I think all that running is starting to take its toll on him. As other people have said over and over…..QBs are not built to run the ball as much as he does. Look what happened to Vick. Lose a step and your career is over. Jackson may be able to run a 4.3 whereas Brady probably runs a 5.3. Figure it out.

  7. I hope his taunting flip into the endzone gives him grief and pain for the rest of his career. Guys like this deserve the pain.

  8. Where are all of these hits you guys are talking about? The kid doesn’t take a lot of shots while he’s running. And sacks are sacks, every QB deals with that. But you armchair GM’s sure have him figured out, don’t you?

  9. “Tyler Huntley is Baltimore’s backup, and he has only five regular-season passing attempts. He also rushed for 23 yards as a rookie last year”
    It should also be pointed out though he played in 1 playoff game last yr and rushed for 32 yards and completed 6 of 13 passes.

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