Mac Jones on facing Tom Brady: It’s not one person versus one person, it’s 11 on 11

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
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Tom Brady‘s return to New England is deservedly the top story across the NFL this week. But he won’t be the only quarterback on the field Sunday night.

Rookie Mac Jones is coming off the roughest start of his young career, throwing three interceptions in the Patriots’ Week Three loss to the Saints. And while there’s some inherent pressure facing the greatest quarterback of all time when he returns to the place where he played for two decades, Jones downplayed that factor when speaking to the media this week.

It’s not like one person versus one person, so I think that a lot of it is 11 on 11, and that’s what goes into it, and that’s how they’re going to look at it,” Jones said Wednesday, via Jake Levin of “That’s how every team looks at it. It’s just you’re getting a chance to compete in a primetime game, and it just kind of is what it is.”

As a former Alabama quarterback, Jones has played in high-leverage situations before. He’s planning to lean on the “do your job” mantra during Sunday’s matchup.

“I think it just goes back to really with pressure, you just got to focus on doing what you’re supposed to do, and people who have jobs in high-pressure situations, that’s what they do,” Jones said. “They do their job really well, and they prepare really hard, so it’s all you can control, and once the hay is in the barn, the hay is in the barn, and you just got to go play, and I think everyone will be excited, and we’re just going to be ready to play when it happens.”

It’s going to be tough enough for Jones to go against Tampa Bay’s strong defense on Sunday. The rest of the Patriots are going to have to step up and help the rookie quarterback when necessary. If they don’t, it could be a long night.

14 responses to “Mac Jones on facing Tom Brady: It’s not one person versus one person, it’s 11 on 11

  1. No,Mac.

    Brady plays all the positions and is the only reason why he wins anything. Didn’t you know?

  2. Spoken like a true patriot Keep this kid away from supermodel’s and snake oil salesmen his future is bright.

  3. Good of him to say that and its a tough reality that their 11 is stronger than his 11. If this game is even close I would be proud of the Pats. But all Im looking for at this point in the rebuild is just the team improving from week to week.

  4. I don’t get it. BB’s “system” was supposed to take any old QB and along with his GM genius not miss a beat going to SBs every other year. Even his coaches said they could win big with an average QB.

    So far, 8-11, soon to be 8-12.

  5. Mac was a godsend. It’s 2000 again, metaphorically, not post the 2001 super bowl. There is a lot of work to do but the right building blocks are being put in place for a successful future.

    Alas, there was too much talk about this year being the year. That was naive.

  6. Should of stuck with clichés. Your going against and most of all trying to replace a legend, ask Cam Newton how that worked out. I think Jones is having some serious pregame jitters 4 days before.

  7. I’m not a Patriots fan, but I hope the young QB has a lights-out game and that his team wins. I get tired of Brady’s “I’ve got more to prove” mantra. You’ve proved all you need to, Tom. Time for others to shine.

  8. @reality is about to hit Patriot fans?
    Ah, in what way.
    We Pats fans had reality hit us last year watching washed up Newton try to peddle a bike that had flat tires. I’d say most of us had reality hit us last season. Lol
    Most of the Patriot fans, such as myself that aren’t in the either or camp, are in the reality that in all likelihood the GOAT QB will leave the stadium with a W. The Bucs are just more talented on both sides of the ball and while NE has the talent to win, they’re just not all on the same page yet on either side of the ball.
    I’d say most honest Pats fans would just be happy if the game was a contest, a win would be a huge surprise the way the Pats have played the first three weeks. Reality,yeah we have been there for a long while, sorry.

  9. cma1973 says:
    September 30, 2021 at 11:54 am
    What strong defense, they have been gashed the last three weeks.

    While I don’t disagree with you at a high level it still might be worth noting:

    1) In their 2 losses they lost by a combines 16 points.
    2) They are ranked 13th in ypc
    3) 4th in passing completion
    4) 9th in yards per attempt
    5) 2nd in passing yards

    I mean their defense really isn’t that great but claiming they were “gashed the last three weeks” seems entirely incorrect.

  10. The Bucs defense this year is not as good as the Saints defense so I expect the Patriots offense to move the ball even if they struggle in the red zone. This should allow the Patriots defense to rest and stay fresh. Let’s remember Brady only managed 17 points against the Rams defense until they scored a garbage time TD that got their RB injured. People who are predicting a blowout will be very surprised. The game will be close and expect Brady to take a lot of punishment.

  11. george1859 says:
    September 30, 2021 at 11:23 am
    Reality is about to hit NE fans…

    I love your enthusiasm, but the Pats fans are sticking with their belief that the Pats are not currently at a level to beat teams like they have coming in this week. But hey, if thats not reality Ill be glad to hear it. Please reality do hit me. Hit me hard baby!

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