Matt Judon: Tom Brady is great, but we have to stop him from winning a football game

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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Tom Brady is returning to Foxborough this weekend to play the Patriots.

At this point, that’s not breaking news to anyone. But it’s all the NFL world has been talking about this week. So it’s no surprise that New England’s players are being peppered with questions about the man considered to be the greatest of all time.

But at a certain point, Brady questions can test anyone’s patience. Linebacker Matthew Judon, for instance, just signed with the Patriots in March. He respects Brady — don’t we all? — but he doesn’t share the same connection to him as many of those in and around the franchise.

So when Judon was asked his sixth question about Brady during his Thursday press conference, he’d had about enough.

“Bro, he’s the next quarterback we got to play,” Judon said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “They also got two other quarterbacks on the roster. I know he was in this building for a long time, and what he’s done can never be taken away from the game of football, and what he did. But it’s not like we’re afraid of what Tom Brady can do. We have to stop their whole offense. We have to stop Rojo [Ronald Jones], we got to stop Leonard Fournette, we got to stop Mike Evans, we got to stop Gronk, O.J. [Howard], [Cameron] Brate, whoever they have at tight end. We have to defeat all the blockers up front and then we also have to play complementary football on offense and special teams.

“So Tom Brady is a great quarterback and nobody can take away what he did. But we’re not here to talk about that right now. We have to play a game and we have to stop him from winning a football game.”

It’s easy to understand why Judon would get a little testy with so many Brady questions. But Brady’s return is clearly the biggest storyline of the young season. The only way for the hype machine to stop is for Judon and the rest of the current Patriots is to go out and win on Sunday night.

6 responses to “Matt Judon: Tom Brady is great, but we have to stop him from winning a football game

  1. I like Judon. He’s been a bright spot among the new guys so far. I’m glad he gave a dose of reality to the press. The coverage of Brady, Brady, Brady has been unreal for two weeks now. You think it’s bad nationally, try being in New England.

    Tom E. Curran especially can’t seem to talk about anything else. He even went down to Tampa last week, as if there was no Saints game coming that weekend. Local guys who don’t like the way they’ve been treated by Belichick are just reveling in all things Brady as a way to get their own back against BB. Curran even had Wickersham on the other day and swallowed everything Wickersham said, even though none of it’s firsthand or from named sources.

    Can’t wait for this game to be in the rear view so people can talk about actual football again.

  2. Remizak’s post is spot on.

    I look forward to next week and gettingt back to a focus on football and an end to Divorce Court.

    A reality check:

    The Patriots dominated the NFL for 18 years, going to 13 AFCCG and 9 Super Bowls winning 6. Now it’s time to rebuild.

    It should be fun even if at times rocky. Mac Jones was a great signing. It’s time to get back to fundamentals, blocking and tackling, playing clean football and winning games the team is not expecting to win.

    Brady can’t let go of football but he moved on from the Patriots. A lot of Patriots fans can’t let go. Most us can and will. Fans of other teams that envy past Patriots success seem to want to will a plague over Gillette Stadium. Others, like myself, believe it’s morning in Foxborough.

    Time to just enjoy the games and stop acting like our lives are defined by the teams we follow.

  3. Release the hounds get after brady hit him early and often. Like coach fears said he and the Bucs are the enemy! On a side note I’d like to see judon fold brady up like a deck chair on the titanic.

  4. “But Brady’s return is clearly the biggest storyline of the young season.”
    Really? If it is the biggest story line of the season who made it so? The media that’s who. I don’t think the fans care that much about it and the players care even less.

  5. Brady is now the enemy. Let’s also face it, HE (not Belinchek) is the reason we had success for the past two decades. Judon is good, but he picked the wrong team if he wants to win a championship. Go Pats

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