New York commits $650,000 to consulting firms for Bills stadium effort


When figuring out how to pay for a $1.4 billion football stadium, everything else is expensive, too.

Via Tom Precious of the Buffalo News, New York has retained two firms to assist with the process, with a total expected expenditure of $650,000.

Both firms are based in Los Angeles.

O’Melveny & Myers has a $500,000 contract to “provide legal advice for the state” in the negotiations with the Bills and Erie County. Also, AECOM will receive $150,000 for real estate and infrastructure consulting.

The law firm will charged a “blended rate” of $775 per hour, with a maximum expenditure of $500,000 over the course of one year, along with an option to renew.

A renewal shouldn’t be needed. With the Bills’ current lease running through the 2022 season and the team making it clear that there will be no extension without a deal for a new stadium, they’ll either have a deal — or they never will — within the next 12 months, if not sooner.

6 responses to “New York commits $650,000 to consulting firms for Bills stadium effort

  1. Not sure why you need to pay $650,000 to say no to using taxpayer’s money to build a stadium for a billionaire .

  2. The current governor is from Buffalo. That stadium is going to be built, no matter how much some taxpayers complain. Besides, the league wants it to be built as well because small market teams (But, GB, KC, etc) & their passionate fanbases make the league more exciting.

  3. Erie County owns the current Stadium. They are replacing their asset with the financial support of the primary occupant, the Bills. This asset holds other events that help with the tax base. This is so going to get done, because the people of WNY understand the situation and want the Bills to stay.

  4. NFL Cities/Counties/States typically pay something toward Stadiums, with smaller market teams paying a higher percentage then larger markets. Some places cover their ears and try to stall ( Baltimore, Cleveland,St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland ) and then file lawsuits etc when their team is gone. Taking a sensible approach and negotiating a fair percentage for the Team, County, NFL and State is best way to go. New York helped build new Stadiums for the Yankees and Mets and should do the same for the Bills.

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