NFL announces lineup for Super Bowl LVI halftime show

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The Super Bowl returns to L.A. with a bang, at least at halftime.

The NFL has announced that the Super Bowl LVI halftime show will consist of performances from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg (pictured), Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar.

The timing of the announcement was a bit unconventional. It emerged without warning or buildup or tease or leak on Twitter, just after 5:00 p.m. ET.

The Super Bowl halftime show, currently produced by the NFL and Roc Nation, first became a major musical extravaganza at Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena, when Michael Jackson performed. That was one year after Fox televised a live edition of In Living Color during halftime of the game, siphoning a chunk of the massive live audience that watched the first 30 minutes of the football game.

Coincidentally, Super Bowl LVI will be the first NFL title game in the L.A. area since Super Bowl XXVII.

52 responses to “NFL announces lineup for Super Bowl LVI halftime show

  1. Looks like another milestone in the steady decline of Super Bowl halftime shows. I’m not sure who watches it any more, I know I don’t.

  2. Can’t be any worse than The Weeknd. If in doubt just bring back those geriatric rock groups and you can’t go wrong

  3. Very disappointing. They should have gone with the yacht rock theme instead — Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Toto, and Boz Skaggs.

  4. Same music, same beat, different lyrics. Time to have a ping-pong challenge during this halftime show.

  5. Wow an actual decent half time show. Color me shocked. First good one since Prince in ‘06!

  6. Another outstanding lip synced “performance”. Whoopee
    Would it kill them to have Metallica, Foo Fighters etc.
    Real musicians who created music, playing it live. What a concept!

  7. Won’t waist my time on the Halftime show this year should of gotten Imagine Dragons

  8. I’ll watch for Dre and Snoop. Eminem and Mary J Blige are trash and who in the heck is Kendrick Lamar.

  9. I haven’t watched the SB halftime show in 25 years. If you don’t like the show, just don’t watch. Easy peasy. NFL is NOT trying to cater to us old fogies anyway.

  10. It’s an LA super bowl so it makes sense. I’m still waiting for foo fighters to get their shot.

  11. Don’t know what is with the haters. I am a metal musician and I am looking forward to this show.

  12. I’ve been saying this for years.
    The NFL should put on a 3 or 4 round boxing match at SB halftime.
    Promoters would be falling all over themselves to get their fighters the match.
    Cross promotion = $, and isn’t that the NFL?

  13. I never watch the super bowl halftime shows, but I might watch this one. It will probably be the highest rated since Michael Jackson. I gotta catch Snoop and my boys.

  14. Ohhhhh shucks…I am so perturbed by them choosing these no names to perform. The players themselves do not even like these artist so why should I. If they took a poll of the people watching I am almost certain that the majority of people would prefer to see Elton John, Arianna Grande, Billy Joel and maybe Cher. I am so sick of the NFL trying to cater to the younger audience. What is the NFL thinking here. If they wanted to cater to the younger crowd they should call Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber.

  15. Aww…man!
    No Aerosmith? No Nickelback? No Timberlake? No Katie Perry? No *insert generic “country” singer with bleached hair & an Ed Hardy t-shirt*?

    Good. Maybe I’ll actually watch this year.

  16. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO it get’s worse by the year i can remember when it was a much watch event what does that other network do dog’s playing football ??? guess this is the year to watch that…lol

  17. I keep saying the NFL needs to have Weird Al Yankovic do a halftime show. He could play a medley of parodies and have the actual artists join him on stage. I think that would be the best halftime show in the history of halftime shows.

  18. I must be the only football fan in America who doesn’t watch the SB halftime show! I don’t care who it is!

    If I want to see a concert, I’ll go to a concert!

  19. The only one I could pick out of a lineup is Snoop and that’s only because advertisers continue to put him in commercials. Contemporary “entertainment” is dreadful.

  20. Thats what we need… 40 different artists “singing” 15 lyrics each of a song for a half hour. I remember when it was one artist per halftime show, now its just mashups. They should simulcast the Manning Cast for the halftime show 🙂

  21. Look at at these Salty Boomers in the comments acting all grumpy about this.
    Guys, I hate to tell ya this, but Steve Miller Band or Three Dog Night or whoever it is y’all still like isn’t ever going to get asked to do this thing.

  22. voiceofauthority4343 says:
    September 30, 2021 at 6:28 pm
    Another outstanding lip synced “performance”. Whoopee
    Would it kill them to have Metallica, Foo Fighters etc.
    Real musicians who created music, playing it live. What a concept!


    Like when they had the Red Hot Chili Peppers lip-syncing and pretending to play their instruments? These acts don’t lip-sync because they’re less talented than the Foo Fighters, they lip-sync because that’s just how this works. If they got the Foo Fighters they’d do the same thing.

    If you want to watch those bands so badly just pull up YouTube during halftime.

  23. Yeah, whatever. I don’t care who they trot out, I don’t pay attention. It’s just a spectacle for the non-football fans.

    And it’s just a haze of smoke that fills the stadium for the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter.

  24. I haven’t watched the halftime show in years. For the most part I don’t watch the commercials either.
    DVR, start an hour or so into it, fast forward through anything I don’t like, which is almost everything aside from the game.
    Sometimes during halftime I’ll watch one of the pregame shows that I recorded.

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